Is there anyone who wants to travel to French Guiana? There are many very popular tourist attractions.

The following content is only for referenceand learning, and the ranking is not divided.

1 CayenneCayenne is the capital and largest city of French Guiana, with a population of 60500. It is located at the Bayan estuary on the Atlantic coast and on the northwest Bank of Bayan island. The terrain is low and flat, and the climate is hot and rainy. It was founded in 1643 and set up in 1777. In 1977, it became a large region of France. Cayenne is the capital and the economic, political, and cultural center of the region.
The economy of Kayan is dominated by agriculture, forestry, and fishery, with few industries; The minerals are rich in bauxite and gold,
as well as rare metals, iron ore, and cinnabar. The forest area accounts for about 90% of the total area of the whole country.
It is the area with the highest forest coverage in the world. It has various tropical hardwoods and rosewood that can extract the essence. It also has a pineapple cannery and a shrimp processing plant.
Transportation is mainly by road. The international airport of the port has regular flights to France, Brazil, and Suriname. Sugarcane, coffee, cocoa, pineapple, rice, etc. are produced in the vicinity of cayenne;
The industry includes sawing, winemaking, fruit and shrimp processing, and other departments;
There is Pasteur Tropical Research Institute, a museum, and a botanical garden in the city. In 1968, France established a space research center and a rocket launch base in kuru, 40 kilometers northwest of cayenne.
2KourouKuru is a coastal city of French Guiana, located on the kuru River in South America. Kuru was a French exile from 1854 to 1944.
Since the 1970s, the equatorial space launch site of the European launch vehicle development organization (the predecessor of the Guyana Space Center) was established nearby and gradually prospered.
The Guyana space center was founded in 1968, the Space Museum (Mus é e de l’espace) is dedicated to displaying space,
and space exploration and the beautiful saru islands are all attractions that can not be missed in kuru. The quiet flowing kuru river is very suitable for canoeing. You can also camp on the bank, go for a walk in the jungle and taste Shannon’s coffee.
3Devil’s IslandIt is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of French Guiana. It has long been used as a place for the execution of punishment in France.
Weather permitting, you can reach the island by boat. In addition to the prison site, there are also hotels and resort facilities.
This historical site is not well preserved, and the signs could have been better, but you must know how inhumane this place is. It is hard to believe that it was not opened until 1955.
The French sent some of their criminals here, but they were likely to die. The conditions are bad. It’s worth seeing but you should be prepared to sweat.
4Marshes of CawDégrad de Kaw | Réserve Naturelle, 97353, French Guiana.
5Kourou Space Centre (Guiana Space Centre)The scenic spots are impressive, but the tour is explained in French, so if you don’t know French, you can’t understand all the information. The tour guide is very willing to help people.
They can answer tourists’ questions in English. The gift shop is expected to be expensive. If you want to participate in the tour, you must hold a valid ID card or passport, or you will be refused entry. It is wise to book in advance.
6Les Iles du SalutIf I’m nearby, I’ll go back and have a look. I heard it’s very good.
7Sentier du DorotaIf I’m nearby, I’ll go back and have a look. I heard it’s very good. Great enough for hiking trips.
8Zoo de GuyaneWow, it’s a zoo. If you go to play, it’s a wise choice to take children with you.
9Camp De La TransportationIt’s a good choice for those who are obsessed with historical research.
10Cacao VillageMany people say that this scenic spot is good and worth visiting.

Strongly recommend some other scenic spots.

We will not describe them too much

Le bagne des Annamites

La Montagne des Singes

Rémire-Montjoly Beach

Place des Palmistes

Jardin Botanique de Guyane

Sentier de la Mirande

Office du tourisme de Saint-Laurent du Maroni

Sentier des Salines

Musee Departmental Alexandre-Franconia

La Culotte Day Tours

Le Morpho

Atmosphere d’Amazonie Day Tours

St. Sauveur Cathedral

Fort Cépérou

Maroni (Marowijne) River

Bibliotheque Departementale Franconie

Tropic Alize

Crique Canceler

Malou Et Son Verger

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