In fact, there are many very popular tourist attractions in Guyana.

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1St. George’s Anglican CathedralSt. George’s Cathedral, located in the center of Georgetown, is the main church of the Anglican diocese. The church began construction in 1810 and was completed in 1892. After several reconstructions and reconstructions, the existing white building was designed by British architect Blofeld.
The church is 43.5 meters high. It is said to be one of the highest wooden churches in the world. It is of Gothic architectural style and is built with Guyana green core wood and English oak. The church, with its white walls, high steps, and exquisite windows, is a landmark building in Georgetown. It is simple and magnificent in appearance. The Church of St. George’s Cathedral is surrounded by lattice glass windows, which are open and bright, and novel in style, and many color pictures are painted on them. The beautiful chandelier above the altar was given by Queen Victoria when St. George’s Cathedral was built. The pillars in the hall are made of Guyana green core wood, which looks like cast iron and is extremely hard.
In the front of the church hall, there is a square altar, behind which is the statue of Jesus crucified. There are two famous sculptures on the side of the hall. One is a beautiful angel. One of her bare feet is crystal clear, delicate, and smooth, just like the real feet. The other is a statue of macher schemes, with beautiful lines, realistic shapes, and vivid faces.
2Walter Roth Museum of AnthropologyThe Walter Ross anthropological museum was founded in 1974 and was not opened until 1982. It is the oldest museum in the English-speaking Caribbean. The name of the museum comes from Dr. Walter Roth, because he made great contributions to archaeology, to commemorate him.
The museum is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to collect, exhibit and protect objects related to Guyana culture, so as to facilitate the dissemination of cultural knowledge of Guyana’s indigenous peoples. The exterior of the museum is an elegant wooden building with three floors. It is said that it was built in 1890. The objects collected in the museum are mainly anthropological and archaeological discoveries, which are about the life of early Indians.
3GeorgetownGeorgetown is located on the North Atlantic coast of Guyana and on the Bank of the de Mella river. It is the capital of Guyana and the largest city in the country. The city is the industrial and commercial center of Guyana, as well as the distribution center and processing center of agricultural products, inland forests, and mineral products in the coastal area.
Georgetown is a city with beautiful scenery. The boulevards are crisscrossed. The small wooden buildings on two or three floors are bright in color, painted white, red, and green. They are set off by the surrounding flowers and grass and the red flags over the city. They are very beautiful and colorful. There are many places of interest and historic sites in this city. Among them, the great pontoon bridge, the wooden church, and the large grass shed on the demerara River are the most famous, and they are known as the “three major cities of Georgetown”. In addition to visiting the three most famous scenic spots in Georgetown, you can also visit the Walter Ross anthropological Museum, Guyana National Museum, St. George’s Cathedral, Guyana National Park, Georgetown town hall, and St. Andrew’s church, Indian village, etc.
4Dadanawa Ranch(Melville’s Ranch)Dadanawa ranch, also known as Melville ranch, is located near the lupini river. It is the largest cattle ranch in Guyana. The ranch covers an area of 5000 square kilometers and is vast and boundless. The best way to visit dadanawa ranch is by jeep, which takes 3.5 hours in the dry season and 3 days in the rainy season.
Dadanawa ranch is one of the most remote and lonely ranches. There are about 28000 cattle on the ranch. The employees on the ranch are local people or barefoot cowboys. They are skilled in herding and feeding cattle. At the same time, they should also protect the safety of cattle from being attacked by Jaguar. The cattle in the pasture are wild animals. In the broad pasture, they rarely see human beings, so they are aggressive. Four generations of barefoot Cowboys raised cattle here. They have become friends and even relatives of cattle.
Dadanawa ranch is also a good place to watch the sunset. Opposite the ranch is a high mountain. When the sun sets in the west, it is also a beautiful enjoyment to sit on the grass and watch the sunset gradually.
5Umana YanaUmana Yana is located at the entrance of the demelala river. It was built in August 1972 and was specially prepared for the foreign ministers’ meeting of the non-aligned movement held in Guyana that year. Umana Yana is an Indian Wawa language, meaning “place where people meet”. The large grass shed was constructed by the Indian Wawa people, an indigenous tribe of Guyana. It covers an area of 640 square meters. It is the largest building of the same type. It is 16.78 meters high and cone-shaped. The roof is covered with palm leaves, which are very rich in traditional Indian architectural style.
Since the original building was blown down by the strong wind, it was rebuilt at the original site in 1994. The large thatched shed is built in the style of Indian houses, surrounded by a 2.7-meter-high straw fence wall, and the dome is covered with thatch and reed have woven straw curtains. This cheap, simple, and applicable large straw shed makes you feel cool and comfortable even in the scorching sun.
At present, the big grass shed has become a famous scenic spot in Guyana, attracting many people to visit it every year. The president and Prime Minister of Guyana often receive ambassadors and important foreign guests here.
6Rupununi SavannahThe rupununi tropical sparse prairie is located at the junction of the rupununi River and Brazil. It is a natural tropical and subtropical grassland, sparse grassland, and tropical animal and plant ecological area. The running animals, flying birds, and plants swaying in the wind on the prairie constitute a vast tropical grassland scenery. There are many animals on the grassland, including Jaguar and horn eagles, which are long-term residents here and become their living homes.
Although rupununi tropical sparse prairie is located in an arid tropical area, it is the rainy season from May to August every year, and floods often occur here, providing sufficient water for thirsty animals. Small villages of Indians and ranches built by cattle herders can also be seen in the sparse Savannah of rupnuni. Some shepherds are descendants of Scots in the 19th century. They settled here and lived a traditional life. They have also become part of the sparse Savannah of rupnuni and made contributions to the protection of the Savannah.
7Kaieteur National ParkKaietul National Park was established in 1929, covering an area of 630 square kilometers. The park was established to protect the beautiful natural scenery, animals, and plants in this area. The biggest highlight in the National Park is the kaietul waterfall, which is not only the focus of Guyana but also the attention of the world.
Kaietul waterfall is 450 feet wide. The width of a single waterfall is the first in the world, and the height is 741 feet, almost five times the height of the world-famous Niagara waterfall. From a distance, you can see that the water flows down and hits another rock in the middle, then continues to pour down and finally becomes a fast-flowing river; This huge current roars and roars all year round, with magnificent waves. The water in the rainy season is abundant, and it is even more thrilling.
In addition to this shocking waterfall, the animals, birds, and plants in the park are also worth visiting. The plants are bright and attractive. The birds sing gentle songs in the forest as if they were playing for the kaietur waterfall. The animals play freely and harmoniously.
8The Demerara Harbour BridgeThe large floating bridge on the demelala river is not far from the mouth of the demelala river. It was built with the assistance of Britain. The construction started in 1976 and was completed and opened to traffic in July 1978. With a total length of 1851 meters and a total of 61 holes, the grand pontoon bridge on the demelala river is magnificent and has many tourists. There are sightseeing spots at both ends of the bridge for tourists to watch. The arc line of the bridge is also designed by a special designer. It is believed that it conforms to the eyes of tourists. It is said to be the largest pontoon bridge in the world.
9Stabroek MarketStabrooke market is a large market located in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. It covers an area of 7000 square meters. It is a building made of wood, cement, zinc, and steel. It covers an area of 1 hectare. A 31-meter-high clock tower is erected on the front door. It is made of steel. It is surrounded by American-made clocks. It was completed and installed in 1881. The steel structure of the big market and the prominent bell tower are reminiscent of the Victorian era in Britain.
In 1842, it was decided to set up this large market to facilitate people to buy things. At present, there are many kinds and styles of things sold in this market, involving all aspects of life. Stabrooke market is the busiest and busiest place in Georgetown, with people coming and going and vehicles coming and going. Starbrook market is famous as the largest market in Guyana, so many vendors come here to earn a living. Every vendor has a place here. The commodities sold are jewelry, clothes, furniture, fruits, vegetables, and various daily necessities.
It’s very easy to find the stabrooke market because the high bell tower is the best symbol of the market. You can find the market in the direction of the bell tower. When you come to the market, you must have a good look and buy some good and cheap things.
10Kaieteur FallsKaietul waterfall is 450 feet wide. The width of a single waterfall is the first in the world, and the height is 741 feet, almost five times the height of the world-famous Niagara waterfall. From a distance, you can see that the water flows down and hits another rock in the middle, then continues to pour down and finally becomes a fast-flowing river; This huge current roars and roars all year round, with magnificent waves. The water in the rainy season is abundant, and it is even more thrilling.
The water splashed by the water flow is like clouds and fog, which diffuses in the valley, making the mountains in the distance and the forests in the vicinity appear indistinctly, seemingly true or false, adding a bit of mystery to the surrounding of the waterfall. If you look down from the window on the plane, you will see another scene; However, there is a huge yellow white silk hanging in the green among the mountains. It seems that the white silk is still dancing in the wind. Due to the reflection of the splashed beads, a five-color rainbow appears in the sky under the sunshine, like a colorful bridge hanging over the waterfall. The scenery is extremely beautiful. People are deeply impressed by the incomparable power and marvelous workmanship of nature.
11The National Museum of GuyanaGuyana National Museum is located in the business center of Georgetown city. It was built in 1951. It has two floors. The first floor displays the social, cultural, and political history of Guyana, and the second floor is the natural history exhibition, which mainly includes various native animal and plant specimens. The works on display are masterpieces left by celebrities, which are particularly influential and have certain historical significance. It is a good place to visit and has certain learning value.
Guyana National Museum is divided into a social history museum and natural history museum. Stepping into the social history museum, the exhibits show people the changes in Guyana’s modern history. The social history museum displays the history of Guyana and exposes the cruelty of colonial rulers. In addition, the social history museum also displays one of Guyana’s earliest stamps and the stamp printing machine of that year. It is said that this one-cent stamp is now worth one million US dollars. The natural history museum displays various specimens of birds and animals, aquatic animals, and plants. There are ferocious leopards and Cayman crocodiles, colorful parrots, and countless unknown birds, which fully show Guyana’s rich natural resources and biological diversity.
12Roraima, Mt.Luolaima mountain is the highest peak of the pacalema mountains in the north of South America, located at the junction of Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. It is a table-shaped mountain with steep edges and a flat top. It is about 14 kilometers long, 5 kilometers wide, and 2810 meters above sea level. Luolaima mountain rises from the plain like the bow of a big ship. The platform of luolaima mountain has a history of about 300 million years. It was originally a vast shallow lake and delta. It was uplifted due to crustal movement, and later became a mountain and exposed rock layer due to erosion. In some places, such as at the top of Pingding Mountain, traces of water ripples can still be seen on the rocks.
The plants and animals on luolaima mountain are rare and rare. In addition to ordinary animals and plants, there are also ideal insectivorous plants, such as swamp pots, felt moss traps, and trap types. About 80% of the creatures on luolaima mountain are unique to the local area, that is to say, it is a unique animal and plant that only grows in luolaima mountain because it has disappeared in other parts of the world. Conan Doyle has a novel called “the lost world”, which describes a hot-tempered professor who led an expedition into a Pingdingshan area and accidentally discovered a world whose evolution remained hundreds of millions of years ago. There, they met prehistoric dinosaurs, and fierce apes, and finally brought a pterosaur back to London. The lost world describes llama mountain.
13Shelby BeachShelbich beach is 90 miles long and almost uninhabited. The blue sea and blue sky, the fine white sand beach, and the boundless sea make people feel happy and linger. Shelbich beach is famous mainly because it is the nesting and spawning place of four endangered sea turtles. These four endangered sea turtles are hard to see in other areas.
The region itself is a unique plant ecosystem, including mangrove, swamp, forest, and inland grassland; It is also a biological ecosystem. In addition to the four endangered species of sea turtles (giant leatherback, hawksbill, olive Ridley and green turtle), there are also manatees, tapirs, deer, leopards, howler monkeys, and other large animals. In addition, it is also a gathering place for birds, including many parrots, macaws, and many water birds, including many red ibises and Caribbean red cranes, herons, and egrets. Due to the inconvenient transportation in these areas and the desolate nature of mangrove swamps, human beings have not settled along the beach and surrounding areas. The beach ecology of Shelby has been relatively complete for many years.
14Guyana National ParkGuyana National Park was established in 1923. In 1965, it was renamed Queen Elizabeth II National Park to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Guyana. Now it is called Guyana National Park. The National Park under the setting sun is very beautiful. At this time, the sun is like a shy girl, still holding a lute and half covering her face. The soft sunshine is sprinkled on all the creatures in the park. The fiery sunset glow is like a naughty child playing hide and seeks with adults, flickering and changing. The fresh sea breeze blowing from the Atlantic Ocean gently touches people’s faces. Bathed in the sun and the glow, the sea breeze feels very comfortable!
There is a track with a circumference of 1500 meters in the National Park. On the outside of the track are tall and straight coconut trees and palm trees, as well as broad-leaved poplar trees, and then grassland; Then there is a stream full of Guyana’s national flowers and lotus flowers. There is a small wooden bridge on the stream, and there is a grassland outside the ditch. There is simple equipment for fitness on the grassland; Finally, the fence of the park, and then the road. On the inner side of the runway, there is a circle of low tropical trees, and then there is a large lawn. A fitness center is built on a large lawn, and a stream divides the lawn into two large playgrounds. On the track under the shade of trees, you can see exercisers of different skin colors and ages, including white people, yellow people, black people, brown people, toddlers or toddlers, children skipping and playing jokes, young and middle-aged people who walk like flying and sweat like rain, and elderly people who walk leisurely and contentedly in the courtroom. It is a harmonious scene.
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