How to write well written about architecture? What are the methods to describe architecture?

Ways to look far and near:

The buildings can be viewed from afar or close. Overlooking the building, you can get the overall impression of the building and see the overall outline of the building clearly. However, it is impossible to see the specific situation of each part from afar, but there is a lack of a sense of integrity about the location of the building in the space, and there is often a sense of a blind eye. When we describe buildings, we can combine the results of distant and close views to make readers a detailed understanding of the whole and various parts of the building, so as to obtain a complete impression.

Internal and external combination method:

Looking at the building from the outside, we mainly understand the outline of the building, so that readers can have a complete impression of the building. Looking at the building from the inside, we mainly understand the structure of the building, so we should make a detailed introduction. When observing buildings from the outside, we should focus on the overall description, and avoid not being rigorous enough. The buildings should be carefully observed from the inside, so they should be introduced in order of orientation so that they can be organized and understood by readers. When describing buildings by combining internal and external methods, we should pay attention to the use of metaphor, personification, and other methods.

③Described while moving:

To describe buildings, we can constantly change the foothold and observation point, and observe and describe buildings in many ways. The same building, viewed from different angles, has different impressions. Therefore, when using this method to describe buildings, first of all, the observation point and foothold should be explained clearly, so that the reader can understand from which angle the building image you describe is seen. Otherwise, it is easy to confuse the readers. Secondly, we must grasp the most important characteristics of buildings to write. If all the objects are described in detail, the article will easily become a cup of boiled water.

Description introduction method

When using this method to describe buildings, we must be rigorous to determine the central theme of the necessary introduction, do not deviate from the theme. In the process of explaining the introduction to be concise and to the point, do not mix it with other content. Also pay attention to the overall coherence, after the completion of the introduction, the article should return to the description of the building, and the previous connection. The article goes from the description of the building to the introduction, or from the introduction back to the description of the building, the appropriate time to use the transition words or transition sentences.

⑤Environmental contrast method:

The surrounding is green, and a little red in the middle is particularly bright so that the scenery around the building is properly described, and the building is prominent. The purpose of describing the scenery around the building is to highlight the building, so the description of the scenery should be able to foil the characteristics of the building, do not leave the building and use too much scenery description. Causing confusion about priorities. When describing the scenery around the building, the observation point and foothold should be explained clearly, so that the reader can understand the location of the building.

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