The United States welcomes you. As long as you work hard enough, you will have a good future here.

Everyone has a different impression of the United States. Why are many people reluctant to return home after coming to the United States? Whether Chinese or Mexican, once they have a legal identity, they will choose to stay in the United States to live. In fact, it is not that they do not want to go back, but that it is difficult to earn money after they go back. Life pressure is too great. Affected by the epidemic, all walks of life in the United States are short of employees, and it is difficult to hire one person with a high salary for each post. Working in restaurants is all about food and housing. Most restaurants earn more than 4000 dollars. If you are a skilled worker, your salary will be higher. Working in the United States for a month may take a year.

The wages of blue-collar workers in the United States are higher than those of white-collar workers. So the United States is a blue-collar paradise, attracting people from all over the world to work in the United States. As long as you are willing to work hard, you can live the life you want in a few years.

At present, global development is relatively close, and some countries have cooperated in many aspects. Now the global population flow is also relatively large. Every year, many people go abroad to travel or study. Now the earth has gradually become a “village”. Especially with the development of the Internet, global development is much closer than before.

Now many foreigners choose to live in China, just like Guangzhou, where a large number of African blacks live. There are also many people running out, and now there are “Chinatowns” in many parts of the world. The United States is well known to all. A large number of Chinese live in the “Chinatown” of the United States. Many Chinese do business here and live a good life.

Why do a large number of Chinese people in the United States refuse to return home? The explanation given is really reasonable. In the last century, the Chinese people yearned for the United States. Many people wanted to go to the United States and try their best to create a Xintiandi. So a large number of Chinese people have gone to the United States.

But over the years, with the rapid development of China, some Chinese people will choose to return to China for development, but there are still a large number of Chinese people who are unwilling to return. These Chinese people in the United States believe that they are married in the United States and their children have started to study in American schools. If they return home, their children will not be able to accept the new learning environment for a while

We know that education in the United States is quite different from that in China, so some Chinese people have such concerns after having children. In addition, some Chinese feel that education abroad is better than that at home, so they send their children abroad for education every year.

This reason is really reasonable. Many children born in foreign countries in China grow up in a foreign environment, so once they return home, they are not suitable. Some Chinese people in the United States feel that they have worked hard in the United States for many years, but they have not made much money, and they do not want to come back. They feel that they have no honor on their faces. What do you want to say about this?

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