How to write articles about the plants, and how to better describe the plants?

  1. Observe carefully, distinguish the differences, and describe the most attractive details in more detail:
    before writing. Each plant has different characteristics, shape, color, taste, use and other aspects have different characteristics. for example, Pine branches are vigorous and powerful, The lotus leaves are round and smooth, The wicker is flowing and soft, Peony is noble and fragrant, and the Orchids are fragrant and elegant.
  2. In terms of spatial distance, adopt single or multiple description methods and describe in detail:
    To introduce the plants clearly, you should also pay attention to writing in a certain order. When writing, you can write from far to near, according to the spatial order of each part of the plant, or according to the growth process or season of the plant. For example, from a distance, a string of red looks like a red rope tied on a little girl’s head, cheerful and lively; At a close look, a string of red fruits looks like a string of ice-sugar gourds, which makes people drool. The author not only wrote a series of red images from far to near but also expressed the author’s psychological feelings and yearning for things full of vitality and vitality.
  3. Use a variety of ways to describe, full of change, so that it has the breath of life. Using a variety of techniques to describe, through a variety of writing methods makes the static plants have a dynamic so that they have the same human feelings and form, so easy to be accepted, appreciated, and expressed by people.
    (1) Write down the static and dynamic beauty of things. Static refers to the shape, size, size, color, etc. The straightforward description of things, so that the things written out of the feeling are less vitality and vitality. Therefore, we should describe the vitality of static things when writing, mainly reflected in the level and Angle of writing. Example: camphor tree leaves column after column, layer after layer, grows dense, and became a huge green tent. Dynamic refers to the situation in which things move and change. If you simply write about the movement of plants, people seem to think it is boring, if the moving things write like life, write the beauty of the movement of things, then achieve a good writing effect. E. g. When the wind blows, the canna flowers are like a beautiful girl, dancing in the wind; the leaves are like a big fan, shaking up and down, giving the cool to you and me. (2) Use rhetorical devices to show the beauty of plants.
    ① Metaphor sentence: this kind of rhetorical device is used more in primary school students’ writing, which can vividly express the praise of things. Example: The flowers of the peach tree are pink, and the stamens are pale yellow. From afar, it looks like the sunset glows floating in the sky, which makes people relaxed and happy.
    ② parallel sentence: the use of parallel sentences in writing can enhance the momentum and expression effect of the article. For example, there are many colors of chrysanthemums, white, red, yellow, and light purple to give a person a feeling of beauty. This shows how many colors chrysanthemums are.
    ③ anthropomorphic sentence: write some aspects or characteristics of a plant like a human, this is the anthropomorphic sentence. Anthromatorphic sentences can strongly express their love and praise for plants. Example: sunflower flower like a doll smiling face —— its petals like a doll golden hair, its lovely smiling face always turn towards the sun from morning to night, never look back.
  4. In the process of writing, there must be rich associations and delicate lyricism. Write about the characteristics of this plant, its function, and its relationship with human beings, in the article to express their own love and praise, to impress the readers. When we write, we should associate ourselves with one to the other. We should explore and discover its inner beauty from ordinary things, and dig out its profound connotation. In the specific description, one should pay attention to the combination of seeing and thinking, choose the appropriate words, and have vivid descriptions that can fully express their praise for this plant.
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