When we write articles or stories, how do we control the narrative clues in the whole story process? What clues can we use?

①Take physical objects as clues:

In the process of narration, let a certain object reappear at each stage of the event, and strengthen its image through various means. Such objects often play a transitional role or symbolize and illuminate the central idea.

②Take individual people or groups as clues:

To narrate with human clues, we should pay attention to the unity of characters in different times and different environments, and also pay attention to the unity of characters’ age characteristics, appearance, movement, local and national characteristics, living habits, and other aspects. Otherwise, it is easy to cause confusion.

③Take ideological change as a clue:

In this way, the main line of ideological development should be clear. The stages of ideological change should be natural and the contrast should be clear.

④Take the main central event as the clue:

The main events are narrated prominently, the secondary events are narrated clearly, the primary and secondary events are matched reasonably, and the narration is orderly. In this way, the event can be complicated but not chaotic.

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