How to Choose the Right blog post, How many types of articles are there(4)

How to choose the theme of the article and how to enrich the content of blog articles, we can start with the most popular types of articles at present, list the outline and shift the focus of each article according to our own ideas, so that the content of our blog articles is no longer monotonous and attracts more audiences.

Summarize roughly 20 types, which are described in 4 posts, for your study and reference only:

16: List class – The easiest type of blog post to write is to make a list. Such articles as “the ten best ways to…”, “the seven reasons for…”, “the five most popular…”, “the 53 problems that are easy to make mistakes” and so on, are not only easy to write, but also can contain a lot of content from other websites. As a final suggestion, if you start to write a list article (each is only a few sentences), you can try to enrich each content into several paragraphs in the future, so that the list article will become a series of articles, which can meet your writing needs for several days. This is also the method that my blog often uses.

17: Exclusive interviews with people – this kind of article is similar to the case analysis above, but the object is different, and it is targeted at specific people. Select the appropriate person in the subject area of your blog, study, analyze and summarize it, and then write it down and share with readers. Focus on how they successfully achieved their goals, and analyze their personal characteristics and other content that will help your blog and readers.

18: Questions – this is also the problem that search engines encounter. A large number of searches are searching for answers to questions. This is somewhat similar to the above evaluation class, but this kind of article focuses on the defects of products or services. Don’t write such articles to vent your resentment, but use them to bring positive effects to your blog.

19: Hypothetical type – I rarely write this type of article, but I have read this kind of “if…” hypothetical type article looks very interesting. You can try to describe the “possible” events that will happen in your blog subject area, and then use your imagination to describe them. For example, “If Google and Yahoo merge…” “If…”

20: Sorting class – this is a type that combines the above research class and link class. You first select the topic that the reader is interested in, and then search for the results of other people’s research on the topic. If you think their views are helpful, you can summarize them (usually including some short quotes), and then add your comments and summary.

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