Important Indian festival in 2023

JanuaryLohriJanuary 13thIt is a harvest festival in northern India, which is celebrated by Hindu and Sikh communities in Punjab. In the evening, people sang and danced around the campfire to celebrate the harvest of winter crops.
Republic DayJanuary 26thThis day is to commemorate the birth of the Indian Constitution. On January 26, 1950, the Indian Constitution came into force, announcing the establishment of the Republic of India, and designated this day as Republic Day. On this day, India will hold a grand military parade and parade.
MarchMaha ShivaratriMarch 11thUnlike ordinary festive festivals, the atmosphere of the Shiva Festival is more serious, and commemorative activities are held in the evening. The believers stayed at Shiva Temple all night, fasting, meditating, and meditating.
HoliMarch 29thThe red sprinkling festival, also known as the Huli Festival and the Color Festival, will be joined by the whole people. The night before the festival, people lit bonfires to celebrate the destruction of the devil Hulika and welcome the arrival of spring.
AprilGood FridayApril 2ndGood Friday is a festival published in the Gazette in India. It is to commemorate the last hours of Jesus’ life, his suffering, and his death.
Rama NavamiApril 21stThis is a Hindu festival to celebrate the birth of Rama. Rama, the first son of King Dasalata and Queen Kosari of Ayodhya, is considered the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu god.
Ambedkar JayantiApril 25thDuring the announced holiday, government offices and most enterprises are closed, so people can take a day off.
MayEid-ul-FitarMay 14thEid al-Fitr generally lasts for three days, during which Muslims will worship in the mosque. People also need to clean the courtyard, bathe and change clothes, then visit relatives and friends, give gifts to each other, and prepare rich food to enjoy.
Buddha PurnimaMay 26thVesak Day is a Buddhist festival commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and death of Sakyamuni.
JulyEid Al-AdhaJuly 20thEid al-Adha is a festival commemorating the prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice of his son to show his obedience to God. On the same day, Muslims went to the mosque to attend the ceremony first and then slaughtered the animals. After the slaughtering ceremony, they visited relatives and friends and entertain guests.
AugustIndependence DayAugust 15thOn August 15, 1947, India got rid of British colonialism and became a sovereign country. On this day, the Indian capital New Delhi will hold a large-scale military band performance, and the Indian Prime Minister will deliver a television speech.
MuharramAugust 19thThis is the official holiday in India, marking the beginning of the Islamic Year. This is the rest day for many workers in India.
Krishna JanmashtamiAugust 30thThis is one of the most important Hindu festivals, celebrating the birth of Krishna (the eighth incarnation of Vishnu).
OctoberMahatma Gandhi JayantiOctober 2ndGandhi’s birthday is a national holiday in India. Gandhi is the leader of the National Liberation Movement of India and the leader of the National Congress Party of India, and is honored as “Mahatma”.
DussehraOctober 15thIt is a major national festival in India. It lasts for 10 days and is designed to celebrate Rama’s victory over the ten demons.
Milad Un NabiOctober 19thMany Muslims in India are celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, which is a gazetted holiday in India. People will discuss and celebrate the birth of the prophet Muhammad and his teachings.
NovemberDiwaliNovember 4thAlso known as the Lantern Festival, the Indian Lantern Festival, and the Demon Slaughtering Festival, it is a festival for Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism to “drive away the darkness with light and defeat evil with goodness”.
Guru Nanak JayantiNovember 19thThis is a public holiday, and
It is a rest day for the general public. Schools and most enterprises are closed.
DecemberChristmas DayDecember 25thChristmas comes from Christianity. When Christmas comes, Christians in India will celebrate in their own way.
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