How to Choose the Right blog post, How many types of articles are there(3)

How to choose the theme of the article and how to enrich the content of blog articles, we can start with the most popular types of articles at present, list the outline and shift the focus of each article according to our own ideas, so that the content of our blog articles is no longer monotonous and attracts more audiences.

Summarize roughly 20 types, which are described in 4 posts, for your study and reference only:

11: Information type – this is the most common type of blog post. Select a good topic, and then publish a lot of relevant information. Such articles can be simple noun explanations or comprehensive summaries. The most representative is Wikipedia.

12: Inspirational – This is a benign type of passionate article. Tell a success story or describe a successful scenario. People always like to report good news instead of bad news, and successful inspirational articles are always welcomed by some people. It would be even better if you add your own real success stories.

13: Irony – I remember that the idea that attracted me to write a blog stems from the fact that I once read that several bloggers used sarcasm to comment on a politician. Spicy sarcasm or humorous description can cause great repercussions and attract a lot of quoted links.

14: Criticism – I once wrote some offensive articles to attract attention like other blogs, but later I chose to write criticism instead. Unless I think it is very necessary, I usually express some positive reactions to other people’s practices or only put forward constructive opinions on the behaviors and words I hate. I don’t advocate those offensive words with sharp edges, which may be due to my personality, but I doubt whether anyone can succeed by attacking others.

15: Enthusiasm – it is also a very popular type to cheer up and speak out their true feelings and let people get out of trouble. This kind of article is also suitable for big discussion and debate. Many times, you will feel that you will gain a lot after participating in the discussion. It is worth noting that such articles also easy to cause disputes and even leave many inappropriate words to affect the image of the blog.

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