Get to know, Intel’s 12-generation processors, What game can you play with the core graphics card?

Whether it’s an AMD processor or an intel processor, there are always some models with a core graphics card. In intel CPUs, such as i5-12400 processors, the models without f in the name are with a core graphics card. If your CPU name is marked with f, such as i312100f, then this CPU does not have a core graphics card. The i3-12100 without a core graphics card has a display core of UHD730, while the i5-12600k has a display core of UHD770. The performance of the UHD770 is slightly better than that of the UHD730. In the same class, the APU of AMD is better than that of Intel’s core graphics card.

What games can these cores play? Let’s take the 12600k as an example. The performance of UHD770’s core video card is equivalent to the gt740 of the independent video card, and it is no problem to handle some office applications. For example, online games such as League of Heroes and Crossing the Line of Fire can be played, such as table processing and copywriting. If you want to play a larger game, such as Jedi Survival, this kind of core video card is not good. You need to match it with a more high-end independent video card to be competent.

If you want to make your core graphics card perform better, you can set up dual channels for memory. Because the core graphics card is different from the independent graphics card, which has its own independent running memory, while the core graphics card uses the host’s memory to operate, so it is necessary to set up dual channels first. How to set up dual channels? More than two memories of the same specification can be used.

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