Selection of food materials – > some food materials are not suitable for ordinary people – > summary of the most expensive food materials (top 10)

1Bluefin tunaThe reason why bluefin tuna is very expensive is that it is on the verge of extinction and is listed as a “critically endangered species” by the World Conservation Union, which is even rarer than China’s giant pandas. In 2013, on the first trading day of the new year at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan, a 222 kg bluefin tuna was sold at a sky high price of 155million yen (about US $1.76 million). Therefore, according to the current situation, it is not suitable for the public table, and of course, local tyrants may not be able to buy it.
2Gold foilWith the improvement of the cultural level of the dining table, gold has also become a delicacy. The history of adding gold to food is the first in China. The rich in the Qin and Han dynasties have recorded the consumption of gold foil and gold powder. At present, the consumption of gold foil is popular in Japan and Southeast Asia. Gold foil wine, gold foil water and gold foil candy have become high-end hot commodities in the market. A frozen drink made of cocoa, milk and 5 grams of 24K gold from 14 countries costs up to $25000.
3Italian Alba white truffleEveryone knows truffles, but Italian Alba truffles are extra precious and rare. Truffles have a special edible smell and are rich in protein, amino acids and other nutrients. Truffle is extremely demanding for the growth environment, and can not be artificially cultivated. The yield is scarce, resulting in its rarity and high cost. As a result, Europeans have listed truffles, caviar and foie gras as “the world’s three delicacies”, among which the most expensive is Italian Alba truffles. This kind of truffle is very difficult to grow, so the price is high. Once, a truffle of about 1.51kg was sold for us $160000. The buyers were an investor and his wife in Hong Kong.
4Yellow lipped fishWhat you should know is that yellow lipped fish is more precious than yellow lipped fish’s fish glue, but they are all top-level ingredients,
The most recent catch was on may4,2017, when a Fujian fishing boat caught a yellow lipped fish weighing 122 kg in the South Australia sea area. After more than ten rounds of bidding, it was finally bought by a Shenzhen customer at the price of 28500 yuan per kilogram, with a total value of 3477000 yuan. Among them, the most precious is the fish glue of yellow lipped fish, which is worth more than 1million for every 500 grams.
5Emmas caviarThe known store to buy Emmas caviar is caviarhouse&prunier in Piccadilly, London. The store sells Emmas caviar by kilogram in 24 carat gold cans for $25000. If you just want to taste the caviar, you can buy it in a small jar for $1250. So, rich people will buy it.
6Densuke black watermelonThe black skin watermelon introduced here is produced in Hokkaido, Japan, which is the only place in the world. The reason why it is expensive is that there are only dozens of output in each harvest period. The emphasis is: the total output. There is another reason: its hardness and brittleness are perfect, and its sweetness is perfect. So a 20 pound Densuke black watermelon can be worth as much as $5500.
7Tricholoma matsutakeMatsutake is one of the high-grade ingredients in Japanese cuisine, known as the king of mushrooms. The reason why it is expensive: it grows slowly and is very difficult to collect. At present, there are only wild Tricholoma matsutake. So far, artificial breeding has not been successful. Almost all Tricholoma matsutake in the market are collected manually from the mountains. The price of top matsutake is about 8000 yuan a kilogram.
8La bonnotte potatoesIt is an improved product of French agriculture in 1994. It is the most expensive potato in the world. It has very strict requirements on climate, soil and other conditions. It is a rare variety of potatoes, with an annual output of less than 100 tons. Because this kind of potato is very soft, any tool will damage it, so it can only be collected by hand. The price of this kind of potato can reach up to 5000 yuan per kilogram. The taste is very delicate, but for ordinary people, they can only wait and see.
9Japanese heniuIt is recognized as the best quality beef cattle in the world, with obvious marbling, also known as “snow meat”. Because the beef is juicy and tender, the saturated fatty acid content in muscle fat is very low, the flavor is unique, and the meat value is very high. It is regarded as a “national treasure” in Japan, generally 6000 yen per kilogram. In this way, the price of a “he Niu” is much more expensive than a new Japanese car. What is more precious is that a cow has only about 6kg of “graded” beef, and its price is as high as 8300 yen per 100g.
10Palamos Big red shrimpIt is more fresh and sweet than other Mediterranean red shrimp, “with 10 times the fragrance of the general wild shrimp”. However, the production of this kind of red shrimp is extremely limited. Generally, it can only be supplied locally in Spain, and very few can be exported (only about 150000 kg per year). A portion of spaghetti mixed with shrimp brain from Palamos red shrimp will cost at least fivehundred yuan. It’s another food that I can’t afford.

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