Summarizing the development process of 2G to 5G, when will 6G technology be realized?

1: The 2G was first introduced in 1991, mainly using GSM standards at a rate of only 9.6 Kbps.

2: The 3G commercial version was launched in 2002, better known as the UMTS and CDMA2000 standards, with rates up to 2-10Mbps. It took about 11 years from 2G to 3G.

3: The 4G standard was established in 2008, mainly using LTE technology and the rate was increased to 100-1000Mbps. It took about six years to go from 3G to 4G.

4: The 5G standard was determined in 2018 and can reach 10 Gbps with a higher spectrum and increase the connection density to a million levels. It took about 10 years to go from 4G to 5G.

It can be seen from the above that mobile communication technology will be updated every 5-10 years or so. The speed and function of each generation of technology have been greatly improved, but the upgrade cycle is also accelerating.

In summary, it is expected that:

1: The 6G research work has been carried out, and it is expected that the 6G technical standards will be determined around 2025 to 2030.

2: The 6G network construction will start between 2026 and 2033, and some commercial use will also start within this window.

3: The 6G network will use higher millimeter wave and terahertz bands, with theoretical peak rates of up to 1 Tbps, supporting a wider range of scenarios such as high-precision industrial control and smart cities.

4: The upgrade cycle from 5G to 6G is expected to shorten to 8-10 years, indicating that the development speed of mobile communication technology continues to accelerate.

Therefore, it is generally predicted that the 6G network is expected to be commercially available around 2030, which will lead to the era of the next generation of intelligent networks and the Internet of everything.

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