Archaeology contains the scope of research

The research scope of archaeology mainly includes cultural relics and natural relics generated by human activities, as well as sites and areas formed by their spatial aggregation. The research methods of archaeology mainly include field investigation, exploration, excavation, indoor organization, analysis, and research. Field investigation refers to the on-site inspection or survey of the surface of a site without damaging the current situation of the site, The scientific act of discovering and obtaining information on ancient relics. Archaeological exploration refers to the scientific activities of searching and discovering ancient relics through various means in areas where ancient relics are known or speculated to exist. Archaeological excavation refers to the process of excavating all or part of the physical materials buried underground or below the surface through certain technical means in areas where ancient relics have been determined to exist, for recording, preservation Analysis, and research. Indoor organization, analysis, and research refer to the classification, organization, appraisal, measurement, photography, and other work of physical materials obtained from archaeological excavations, and the analysis and research of them.

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