Why is cotton called a “killer” because it poses a threat to human life and even kills people under certain circumstances?

Cotton is still a killer.

It is said that cotton can make people lose water in the wilderness. Is it possible that cotton contains toxic ingredients that we do not know?

In fact, this statement is determined by the unique nature of cotton.

If one day you plan to travel in the wilderness and take risks, experienced people will remind you not to wear cotton and cotton clothes, otherwise, your life will be threatened. Why are cotton clothes not suitable for wearing in the wild?

The US Search and Rescue Task Force once mentioned that water dissipates heat from the human body 25 times faster than air. This is because the density of water is greater, so the heat capacity is also large. It is safer to have a dry body in the wild. Even in an environment above zero degrees Celsius, wet clothes on your body will immediately reduce your core temperature, When your body dissipates heat faster than it generates heat, it will cause hypothermia. It can effectively solve this problem in urban or suburban areas. If you fall into a barren land, it may be fatal. Lower body temperature will make internal organs unable to operate normally, especially your heart will stop beating; For hikers, death due to hypothermia is more common in spring, summer, and autumn than in winter.

So what is the relationship between the above-mentioned problem and the cotton killer?

In fact, if you pay attention, you will notice the following situations: wearing waterproof sports shoes, walking in the heavy rain, one foot wearing cotton socks, the other foot wearing wool socks of similar thickness, the person’s feet will soon be completely wet, and become wet and cold, continue to walk forward, after 10 minutes, you will obviously feel that the feet wearing wool socks will be warm and comfortable, on the contrary, The foot wearing cotton socks will feel very cold. After that, wring and drying the two silk socks, we can record their drying time. Generally speaking, wool will be completely dry in 2 to 3 hours, while cotton socks will take longer to dry.

From the above situation, we can understand the difference between the two materials. If you wear cotton cloth, especially close-fitting underwear, and are accidentally wet by the rain, how will you feel? Even in hot summer. Keep close to the core of your body, constantly absorb heat from your body, and keep your body temperature low. This is because cotton clothes can absorb 27 times their own weight, which shows how strong their water absorption is. Even if they are not wet by rain, when the human body sweats, it will also absorb sweat and store it in cotton clothes.

After the above analysis, we should understand why cotton has such a saying as “killer”, so when you go hiking, you should master some skills and methods to ensure your life safety will not be harmed.

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