Which country first proposed the concept of 5G technology, and to what extent has 5G technology been developed and applied in this country?

5G technology was initially proposed and practiced in South Korea. South Korea is a global leader in 5G commercial applications:

① South Korea officially commercialized its 5G network in April 2018 and is the world’s first 5G commercial country.

② By the end of 2019, South Korea had nearly 100,0005G base stations, more than 3.6 million 5G users, and 5G network coverage in more than 80 percent of major cities.

③ 5G application in Korea is relatively mature and has been widely used in UAV, AR / VR, autonomous driving, and other scenarios. Some applications, such as the Holographic community, have already had a big impact.

It is expected that 5G technology will be fully popularized in South Korea in the next 3-5 years:

① By 2022-2023, the 5G network coverage in South Korea will reach 97 percent, and the number of 5G users will exceed 100 million.

② The scale of the 5G industry is expected to exceed 65 trillion won, driving a GDP growth of about 0.5%.

③ 5G applications such as drones, autonomous driving and smart cities will become the norm and be deeply integrated into life.

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