Top 15 list of global consumer goods and customer service websites (for reference only)

NameWebsite Introduction Provides turnkey customer feedback solutions. Product details, and company news. Features, mystery shopping, sales pitches, surveys, on-site pricing with markups and inventory audits, triggered training and reward analysis, and loyalty enhancement calculators. Software and services company focused on customer experience management. Offers mystery and secret shopper services, including online surveys and reporting. Nationwide mystery shopping and secret shopping solutions to more than 25 industries. Services include on-site, video, telephone, and web. Online reporting system. Offers global integrated digital recording and management solutions, serving financial institutions, call centers, air traffic control sites, public safety centers, and closed circuit television security installations. Includes blogs, and global contacts headquartered in Ra’anana, Israel. (Nasdaq: NICE) Assisting in the development of customer-centric e-business initiatives and ventures in technology, communications, finance, retail, advertising, and healthcare industries. Mystery guest retail, hotel, and restaurant reports since 1987. Video training and guest intercept programs are also available. Online application.
responsetresponsetResponseTek Networks Corp. ( helps customer-focused organizations increase revenue and profit by dramatically reducing customer turnover. ResponseTek is committed to creating innovative solutions and providing the highest quality software product and services to transform the way companies connect with their customers. Full-service mystery shopping solutions. Apply online. ICC/Decision Services was founded in 1979 to design and Providers of mystery shopping services. Also customer experience evaluation and international benchmarking. Company profile, locations, contacts, and Online shopper application. Secret shopping services are used by the retail, restaurant, and rental housing industry. Https:// Shopping industry leader since our inception in 1990. Mystery shopping opportunities nationally. The company provides mystery shopping services throughout the U.S. and abroad. Sign-up area for shoppers.
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