Top 15 Global Construction and Maintenance Website Ranking List (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction Samsung (Samsung) is one of the world’s largest companies in the electronics industry, and the company was founded in 1938. Samsung’s main business items are: communications (cell phones and networks), digital appliances, digital media, liquid crystal displays and semiconductors. Offers dressing ideas, trends and tastes. Global manufacturer of electronics products such as mobile phones, plasma and LCD TV, domestic appliances, DVD recorders, home cinema systems and IT products. Official home of the toy building brick. Provides product information, company history, news, how to join the club, new software, links, and Legoland Theme Park details. Offering athletic shoes and apparel. Includes a dealer locator, advertisements and downloads. Open-Source electronic prototyping platform allowing to create interactive electronic objects. Https:// of a wide range of consumer electronics products including audio, video, communications, and computer systems. Manufacturer of consumer electronics, computer products, business and office equipment, broadcast audio and video equipment, building and commercial tools, security systems, and industrial electronics components. Chinese supplier of digital cameras, camcorder, MP4 olayer, car electronics,and security products.ts. Manufacturer of TVs, Blu-Ray Players, DVDs, VCRs and audio systems. Manufacturer of laptops, televisions, recording equipment, and other electronics. Includes information about products, online shopping, and support. Makes and design a radio Wi-Fi music system and network music player. USA. USA. Manufacturer and retailer of clothing and accessories for children from newborn through size 7. Includes profile, size chart, store finder, product galleries, and company management and financial information. Designers of technical outdoor clothing for skiing, climbing, snowboarding, paddling, mountain biking and travel, environmentally conscious. Finland. Producer of training computers and heart rate monitors.
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