Top 15 list of fencing-related websites worldwide (for reference only)

Name Website Introduction askfred.netDatabase holding American fencing registration details and results. usfencing.orgPresents new, features, media guide, and athlete profiles. fencing.netComplete range of equipment for the beginner to advanced. Includes a forum, rules, and training tips. eurofencing.infoResults, competition calendar and organization information; in Magyar, French and English. britishfencing.comOfficial website for organization governing Olympic fencing in Britain. a range of forums related to fencing. forms, details, and competition results (1998 – present) for this event. nahouw.netInternational fencing calendar and ranking list. irishfencing.netInformation from the governing body of the sport of fencing in Ireland. njfencingalliance.comSchedule, location, coach biography and a basic overview of the sport, with details of local tournaments. ifcfencing.orgFacilities description, group class descriptions, coach profiles, costs, and basic fencing information hookedonfencing.orgLocation, schedule and fees. Club history, member biographies and contacts. Based in North Olmsted. fencing.comLocation, classes, competitive results for club members and related links. southcoastfencing.comOffers classes and practice sessions. Includes location, schedule, and membership information swordplayla.comTim Weske’s Swordplay, located in Burbank, California, provides training in theatrical combat for film and television as well as Olympic-style fencing.
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