Top 15 list of extreme sports related websites worldwide (for reference only)

Name WebsiteIntroduction redbull.comProducer of the Red Bull energy drink. Product information, promotions, distributors, events and sports. mpora.comAn extreme sports community featuring videos, photos news and information on Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX, Mountain Biking, Motocross and more xgames.espn.go.comSkateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX and MotoX. redbullcrashedice.comContest for hockey players and skaters alike to challenge themselves to an iced-over downhill course, comprised of bumps, jumps, and vertical elements. extreme.comOnline home of the Extreme Sports Channel. Brand new extreme sports news, views and reviews uploaded daily. americanparkour.comParkour and Freerunning Community with board intended for experienced skydivers with little or no BASE experience. campwoodward.comFeatures tips and tricks for inline skating, skateboarding, and freestyle BMX racing. dirtbikerider.comMotocross, trials, enduro news, events, videos, galleries and results breaking in the world of off-road dirt bike riding. blincmagazine.comMagazine devoted to base jumping, cliff jumping and jumping from various platforms. parkourgenerations.comA group of Traceurs dedicated to teaching and displaying the discipline of Parkour. Includes training courses, professional media production services, profiles and blog. bungee.comOffers insurance help, engineering, specifications, equipment, jump site feasibility studies, tower construction, jump platform evaluation, governmental regulations and liability issues. airabovewater.comInformation about cliff jumping. Includes photos, jumpers profiles, and directions to each jump site.
Features World BASE jumping fatality list maintainted by Nick Di Giovanni. bungee jumping nationwide from a mobile rig; information about services, safety, dates and locations.
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