The top ten classical poets of Chinese dynasties and their representative works

1, Qu Yuan: the progenitor of Chinese poets
Qu Yuan is the first poet in Chinese history. Qu Yuan took the southern culture of Chu as the background, and transformed the ritual songs (Nuo opera lyrics) of his native country into “Chu rhymes”, which made Chu rhymes a collection of poems on a par with the “Book of Songs”. Qu Yuan’s masterpieces include “Li Sao”, “Nine Songs” and “Heavenly Questions”.

2, Li Bai: China’s most outstanding poet
Li Bai was one of the most outstanding poets of the Tang Dynasty, known as the “Immortal of Poetry”. He is known as the “poet immortal”. His most important masterpieces include “Dreaming of the Heavenly Dream”, “The Difficulties of Shu Dao”, “The Wine of the General” and “Asking for the Moon”.

3, Du Fu: the pinnacle of Chinese metrical poetry
Du Fu was a poet of the Tang Dynasty, alongside Li Bai, and is historically known as the “poet sage”. Du Fu is also known as the pinnacle of Chinese realist poetry. His masterpieces include “Shu Xiang”, “Bing Che Xing”, “Five Hundred Characters from Beijing to Fengxian County”, and “Yong Huai Monuments”.

4, Bai Juyi: the most outstanding poet of the law Bai Juyi was one of the three major poets of the Tang Dy

4, Bai Juyi: the best poet of prose
Bai Juyi, one of the three great poets of the Tang Dynasty, led the “New Music House” movement in the Middle Tang Dynasty, advocating realistic poetry and suggesting that “essays should be written for the time, and songs and poems should be composed for the event”. He was one of the most outstanding poets in ancient China, and his masterpieces “Pipa Xing” and “Song of the Long Hatred” are both long poems that are the best in ancient and modern times.

5, liuyong: the pinnacle of the euphemism school
Liu Yong was the pinnacle of the Song Dynasty euphemism, and his contribution to the lyric school included the creation of slow lyrics on a large scale, which changed the pattern of the dominance of small orders in the lyric world since the Tang and Five Dynasties. Liu Yong’s masterpieces include “Yu Lin Bell – The Cold Cicada is Mournful”, “Wang Hai Chao – The Southeastern Landscape”, “Eight Sounds of Ganzhou – The Dashing Twilight Rain Sprinkles the River Sky”, and “Jade Butterfly – The Rain Clouds Break at the Lookout”.

6, Su Shi: the pinnacle of the grand lyric school
Su Shi was the most outstanding literary scholar of Song Dynasty, who was indistinguishable from Ouyang Xiu in the field of prose, second only to Lu You in the field of poetry, and topped the list of Song Dynasty in the field of lyric writing. His primary masterpieces include “Nian Nu Jiao – Huai Gu at the Red Cliff” and “Shui Tong Ge Tou – Mid-Autumn in the Year of the Prophet”.

7, Lu You: The Greatest Poet of Song Dynasty
Lu You was the most outstanding poet of the Song Dynasty and the poet with the most surviving poems in ancient China. Lu, You represents the lyrical style of the Southern Song Dynasty. Lu You’s masterpieces include Guanshan Yue (The Moon over the Mountain), Shuangyang (The Book of Wrath), Qitoufeng (The Hairpin’s Head), and Zhangyi (The Love of the Heart).

8, Li Qingzhao: China’s most outstanding female lyricist
Li Qingzhao is the most outstanding female writer in ancient China. Her primary achievement lies in her lyrics, and she is the representative of the euphemism school of Song lyrics, together with Liu Yong. Li Qingzhao was also good at writing poetry and was generous in her sentiments. Her masterpieces include “Sounding Slowly”, “Poem on Privy Councilor Han Xiaojia” and “One Cut Plum”.

9、Xin Qiji: the lord of the Southern Song Dynasty
Xin Qiji is the leader of the Southern Song Dynasty’s bold and elegant lyric school, and is known as the “Dragon of Lyrics”. His masterpieces include “Qing Yu Pian – New Year’s Eve”, “Yong Yu Le – A Thousand Ancient Rivers and Mountains”, “Shui Long Yin – Raise Your Head to the Northwest”, and “Shui Long Yin – Ascending Jian Kang Pavilion of Appreciating the Heart”.

10, Mao Zedong: The most outstanding poet nearly 800 years ago Mao Zedong was the most outstanding poet from the Ming and Qing dynasties to modern times. His poems reflect the revolutionary court

10, Mao Zedong: the best poet nearly 800 years ago
Mao Zedong was the most outstanding poet from the Ming and Qing dynasties to the modern era. His poems reflect the revolutionary history of China in modern times and can be called the “epic poem” of the Chinese revolution. His primary masterpieces include “Qin Yuan Chun – Snow”, “Qin Yuan Chun – Changsha”, “The People’s Liberation Army Occupies Nanjing”, “Shui Tong Tong Ge Tou – Swimming”, “Yi Qin’e – Lou Shan Guan”, etc.

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