Top 15 list of global magazine and e-magazine-related websites (for reference only)

NameWebsiteIntroduction Contemporary art, literature, and architecture. Includes the Frieze 100 – the hundred best shows around the world, artists’ projects, a German language area, news, and reviews. News and critiques of exhibitions in the visual arts, with a contemporary focus. Includes world news, critics’ picks, live symposia, interviews, archives, event calendars, and links to related sites. News of events in and affecting the world of visual arts. A network of five print papers with separate editorial offices in London, New York, Turin, Paris, Madrid, and Athens. Full articles, forum, and art-related employment advertising. Daily arts news from more than 100 newspapers, magazines, and e-publications. Includes poetry, digital arts, arts news, and audio biographies from top artists. A social networking site for the art world, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity, and debate. News, Gossip & Opinion on Pop Culture, Arts, Music, Theater, Film, Fashion, Dining, and Celebrities: Quarterly with articles on Canadian and international visual art, a national guide to exhibitions and events in the visual arts, and book reviews. Current issue and exhibition calendars by region. European guide to arts and leisure worldwide Visual arts magazine designed to serve the art buyer and gallery visitor. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photography. Images, comments, and articles from current issues. Quarterly e-zine for art, photography, and a diverse range of literature spanning poetry, short stories, essays, humor, and commentaries. Derived its name from Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream. Bimonthly magazine that’s eclectic, slightly eccentric, cross-border, and international in content. Articles from the current issue and the archives, advertiser information, and how to subscribe. A big selection of poetry, web art, prose, and sound ranging from the quirky to the somber. Quarterly journal published to promote and provoke critical discourse about contemporary visual art in Los Angeles, and beyond. Includes selected articles and information on the organization, donations, and advertising. We collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids’ homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, telephone bills, doodles – anything that gives a glimpse into someone else s life. Anything goes.
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