Someone at home has a high fever and is infected with COVID-19. How to take medicine and what kind of medicine do take? Can I give him an antipyretic directly? Do you need to pay attention to anything?

First of all: the time of main medication. If Chinese medicine can be used for the first time, that is to say, starting to use medicine when symptoms appear, it can effectively improve symptoms such as fever, sore throat, soreness of the whole body’s joints and muscles, and fatigue. How to choose Chinese patent medicine? On the whole, the drugs used to treat colds with the effects of expelling wind and clearing heat, removing dampness and detoxification, clearing away pestilence, and dispersing lungs have good effects on the current infection of Omicron. Here, we should pay attention not to repeat the medication, just take the measurement every time, and not take more measurements. In addition, patients with chronic diseases should take the daily treatment drugs on time, and not delay the treatment of chronic diseases. For example, patients with hypertension, after having COVID-19, should not ignore the treatment of hypertension just to treat COVID-19, which will aggravate the condition of basic diseases and delay the treatment of COVID-19.

Is there any other way to relieve symptoms besides taking medicine? We can also choose some methods or means of traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupoint massage, for sore throat, fever, or cough, and for patients with fever and high temperature, We can massage Hegu point, Dazhui point, Quchi point, etc. to relieve the patient’s pain symptoms, which can have a good auxiliary treatment effect. (Attached figure),

1. Hegu point: Most people know this point, which is the “tiger’s mouth” position. When the child has a high fever, the mother can pinch this point with her finger, and the effect can be seen in just one minute.

2. Quchi point: This point is near the elbow. When the child has a high fever, the mother can press this point to help the child stimulate the yang in the body, and at the same time achieve the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, reducing heat,

and purging fire.

3. Dazhui point: This point is located at the neck. When the child has a high fever, he can lower his head and reach out to touch the hollow in the middle of the cervical vertebra, which can play a role in reducing the fever.

For sore throat, we can massage Shaoshang point. Please refer to the figure. The position of the Shaoshang point (attached figure) is 3mm away from the thumb. You can press it with your other thumb until it is slightly painful, but you should not press it too hard;

In addition, for cough, we can massage points Lieque, Tiantu, and Feishu (attached figure). Proper use of these methods will help alleviate the disease and reduce our discomfort and pain. In addition, scraping therapy can be used to relieve fever, muscle soreness, and other symptoms.

The above contents, offensive reference, and learning are recommended to be carried out under the guidance of doctors in practice.

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