Blizzard China released the video again, and the designers said that they would give benefits with soft words. Blizzard is really anxious! Is Blizzard really leaving Chinese players?

Since Blizzard did not renew the contract with NetEase and the official announcement that Blizzard’s national service is about to stop, NetEase has shown that it is calm and calm, saying that it will do its best to stand at the last post before the national service is stopped, while Blizzard is very uncertain. First, John Hight, the general manager of the World of Warcraft production team, appeared in the media several times to interview and shout to Chinese players through the official microblog window of “Blizzard China”. A few days ago, he also announced that he would create an “electronic urn box” for national service players to allow players to save character data on their personal devices. A few days ago, the official microblog of “Blizzard China” released a video specially recorded for Chinese players by Walter Kong, the general manager of the Watch Pioneer Project Team. Unfortunately, this game business operation wizard who has pushed the role promotion and time badge business of World of Warcraft has only given Chinese players a free character skin from a foreign service. Yesterday, the official microblog of “Blizzard China” released a video again, and Nathan Lyons Smith, the executive producer of Hearthstone Legend, appeared.

Nathan Lyons Smith was once the production director of Hearthstone Legend. Like John Hight and Walter Kong, he was the head of the game production project team. In order to get closer to the players, he put himself in the position of an ordinary player at the beginning of the video. He said that he had played Hearthstone Legend for thousands of hours and the flag of war in the tavern. Seeing this, the small editor wanted to ask him how Goff made such a card that greatly affected the balance.

Later, Nathan Lyons Smith mentioned that the national service was about to stop serving. From the perspective of an ordinary player, he understood the disappointment and pain of Chinese players but hoped that Chinese players could maintain confidence in Blizzard. In the video, Nathan Lyons Smith announced that all players of the national service who logged in to Hearthstone Legend before the service was stopped on January 24 can get 10 old version card packs for free, which is no better than the old skin given by the watchman. As for the problem of home ownership that the players of the national service are most concerned about, Nathan Lyons Smith said that he is still “negotiating with potential new distribution partners”, which means that a national service player is still a man with eight characters.

It can be seen from the continuous release of videos on the official microblog of “Blizzard China” that the attitude of Blizzard is to hope that the national service can continue to open. Although several designers in the video are suspected of reading the script, there is no doubt that they hope their games can be released in China, the world’s largest online game market. Many players accuse Blizzard of being too stingy. They just gave away 1 expired skin and 10 expired card bags when they were about to stop serving. However, another way of thinking is that this stinginess is actually a good thing. This shows that Blizzard really wants to keep the national service open. It really wants to give away benefits like other online games, so that players can have a good time at last. It only proves that the game is really going to end. On the whole, Xiao Bian is cautiously optimistic about the future of the national service and believes that the national service will be opened again soon.

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