If you are infected with COVID-19 and have a fever, how do you choose antipyretic drugs? How to feed the drug correctly?

①: Ibuprofen and acetaminophen, both in the clinical effect, each have their own characteristics, side effects are also different, we must read the instructions carefully before medication, and pay special attention to the composition and use of the drug measurement.

② Acetaminophen, is through liver metabolism, with liver basic diseases or alcohol abuse, try to avoid taking people. Ibuprofen, which has digestive tract side effects, is recommended to take it together with food or after meals to avoid taking it on an empty stomach. Ibuprofen is mainly for renal metabolism, excessive or long-term use, and the need to pay attention to kidney injury.

③ During the medication, it is also very necessary to supplement water or electrolytes in time. To reduce the occurrence of drug side effects. For some special groups, such as pregnant women, and babies under 6 months of age, we recommend using acetaminophen and avoiding taking ibuprofen.

④ Nursing women, both drugs can be taken, antipyretic drugs are only to relieve the symptoms, home spare ibuprofen and acetaminophen these two drugs are recommended. But there is absolutely no need to collect medicine, which is not advisable.

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