Should I buy a new computer, or upgrade my computer hardware configuration, how to upgrade my computer hardware configuration?

The hardware configuration of the old computer is not very good, and the operation is stuck. We should consider how to purchase or upgrade computer accessories. According to our own needs, if the hardware foundation of the old computer is poor, we can purchase and repair the computer within the budget. If the hardware foundation of the computer is good, we can consider upgrading some hardware. Here we share with you our experience on how to upgrade your computer with the correct ideas.

We should first analyze the cause of computer jams. Generally, a computer jam is nothing more than two cases. The first is software problems. This is a system problem. We can solve it by reinstalling the system. The second case is the hardware problem. This installation system cannot solve it. You can only upgrade the hardware and improve its skills.

For upgrading hardware, we will summarize some methods for upgrading.

In the first case, when you open more programs, the computer gets stuck. Generally, the CPU or memory usage is too high. The task manager looks at the CPU utilization rate and the memory utilization rate. It is recommended to upgrade the memory of the same brand and model. In this way, the compatibility will be better. When upgrading the CPU, look at the CPU ladder diagram. According to the market situation and your own capital budget, you can choose the right CPU.

The second case is that your computer plays games. The frame rate is low and the picture is stuck, which is the problem with the video card. It is worth noting that the power consumption of a better video card may be higher and the requirements for power supply will be higher. Therefore, you should pay attention to the insufficient power rating of your own power supply. It is recommended to upgrade to a higher power supply at the same time.

Third, the computer is an old computer. The mechanical hard disk has been used for more than 3 to 5 years. In this case, the basic mechanical hard disk will cause bad tracks. At this time, we should consider upgrading to a solid-state hard disk. The price of SSD is not very expensive, and the speed of improvement is great. It is more than five times that of the mechanical hard disk. Pay less and increase speed. Generally, the biggest bottleneck of an old computer is the mechanical hard disk, so upgrading to a solid state is one of the best solutions.

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