After 14 months, Li Ziqi reconciled with the company. When will Li Ziqi return to the public view? Now the answer should be clear.

This is good news. Li Ziqi will return to the public view.

On December 27, 2022, MCN Institute Weinian announced through a document that it had formally reached a settlement with Li Ziqi.

At the same time, Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. also experienced industrial and commercial changes recently, and Liu Tongming, Chairman of Weinman, stepped down as a supervisor. The shareholding ratio of Hangzhou Weinian Brand Management Co., Ltd., the original major shareholder of Ziqi Culture, also decreased sharply from 51% to 1%, while the shareholding ratio of Li Ziqi himself increased from 49% to 99%.
After disappearing for more than 500 days, Li Ziqi returned to the public’s view. After a long time of extreme tension, her lawsuit with her old employer, Hangzhou Weinian, finally ushered in reconciliation.
The break was caused by a bowl of snail powder
In September 2016, Liu Tongming found Li Ziqi through microblog private messages and expressed his desire to cooperate with her. Li Ziqi also agreed with Liu Tongming’s packaging concept, so the two parties hit it off. However, the early cooperation mode was also very simple:
Li Ziqi continued to produce high-quality original videos. Hangzhou Weinian tailored promotion plans for Li Ziqi. Under Liu Tongming’s operation, Li Ziqi’s IP value soared, and Li Ziqi became more and more confident in Liu Tongming.
Since 2017, the cooperation mode has been upgraded to the joint venture mode. The two parties jointly invested in the establishment of Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Although Li Ziqi and Weinian are the owners of the new company, from the perspective of equity composition, Hangzhou Weinian holds 51% of the shares, Li Jiajia (Li Ziqi’s real name) holds 49%, and the actual controller of Ziqi Culture is still Liu Tongming.
In 2020, Li Ziqi’s brand Snail Powder became a popular online brand once it was launched. Its monthly sales reached 1 million yuan, and its annual GMV reached nearly 2 billion yuan. This data has exceeded the annual revenue of most A-share listed companies. In October 2020 and July 2021, it obtained equity financing and strategic financing with a large amount of capital. At that time, Weinman carried out seven rounds of financing, and its valuation reached billions. At the same time, Li Ziqi, who had long resented Weinian because of the sales of snail powder, was finally unbearable, and the conflict was imminent.
Li Ziqi thought that he had fallen into the capital trap and suffered a big loss. Li Ziqi chose a petition to go to court with Weinian, which is a part of gratitude and resentment between the two sides.
On December 26, 2022, the national enterprise credit information publicity system showed that Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. had undergone industrial and commercial changes. Liu Tongming, chairman of Hangzhou Weinian, resigned from the senior management position of Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (before leaving office, Liu Tongming served as a supervisor in the company), and the equity structure also changed. Li Jiajia (Li Ziqi’s real name) upgraded the original contribution of 490000 yuan to 990000 yuan, Hangzhou Weinian, on the other hand, has invested 10000 yuan in a change from the original 510000 yuan. As a result, Li Ziqi has obtained 99% of the shares of Ziqi Culture, and the equity of Hangzhou Weinian is only 1%. Hangzhou Weinian, who “lost his wife and lost his army”, seems to have become the biggest loser.
According to incomplete statistics, up to now, the number of fans dropped from the whole network has exceeded 5.3 million.
In the days when Li Ziqi stopped his shift, although the powder loss was not particularly serious, the current market environment is much more dangerous than a year ago – in other words, Li Ziqi may have missed the best time for his return.
The Baidu index shows that Li Ziqi stopped broadcasting in July this year, and there was a small peak in the search volume and popularity of the keyword Li Ziqi. After Weinian officially announced reconciliation, its Baidu index did not change significantly, and netizens responded calmly.
Of course, there is no doubt about Li Ziqi’s popularity and fans’ stickiness. However, in the face of the rapidly changing market environment, we still have to worry about her. However, we care about the protagonist and hope that she can go higher and further in her future career.
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