(Recommended ten books) World-famous philosophical classics (the first edition)

The RepublicPlato The Republic is a philosophical dialogue work created by Plato. The theme of national management discusses the construction and governance of the Republic, which is broad and profound and involves many fields.
Critique of Pure ReasonImmanuel KantThe critique of pure reason is one of the top ten philosophical masterpieces in the world. Published in 1781, this book overturned the rule of the old metaphysics. It is the Copernican Revolution in the history of philosophy. It is called Kant’s three criticisms together with a critique of practical reason and a critique of judgment.
Middle forest roadMartin HeideggerThe Road in the Forest by Martin Heidegger “The Road in the Forest” is regarded as a classic work of modern Western thought, and the first of them “The Source of Art” was several speeches made by Heidegger, which aroused enthusiastic interest of the live audience and was called a sensational philosophical event.
Being and TimeMartin HeideggerBeing and time criticize the tradition of studying philosophy as knowledge and existence as beings since Plato and Aristotle, which has had a great impact on many philosophers since then.
The Birth of TragedyNietzscheThe birth of tragedy is Nietzsche’s first systematic aesthetic and philosophical work, which not only discusses the aesthetics of Greek art but also contains his own thinking on many philosophical issues and his attitude toward the meaning of life.
The history of western philosophyBertrand RussellThe history of western philosophy is an account of the development history of western philosophy created by Russell, a famous British philosopher, and mathematician. It comprehensively introduces the development of western philosophy from ancient Greece and Rome to the middle of the 20th century.
The World as Will and Representation Schopenhauer SchopenhauerThe world as will and representation expounds Schopenhauer’s philosophy of voluntarism. It is a work written by Schopenhauer when he was only 28 years old. This book has an impact on Nietzsche, Wagner, Thomas Mann, and even the famous philosophical works of existentialism.
History of Chinese PhilosophyFeng YoulanThe history of Chinese philosophy is the first history of Chinese philosophy with modern significance. It adopts the form of western philosophy to elaborate China’s philosophical thought. It is the work of the history of philosophy that has the greatest impact on Modern China.
So said, ZarathustraNietzscheThis is what Zarathustra said. It is a prose poetic philosophy work created by Nietzsche. It preaches the Enlightenment of the future world through the mouth of Superman Zarathustra. It occupies a unique immortal position in the history of world philosophy and poetry.
Being and nothingnessPaul Jean SartreBeing and nothingness describe the ethical significance of freedom with the method of phenomenological existential psychoanalysis. Possession, action, and existence are the most important parts of the book. It is a representative work on existentialism.

You may not like the ten books recommended this time, but understanding philosophy is a work that must be read through. Thank you.

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