Once did you go to Haiti,Can you visit all the high-quality tourist attractions?What exactly do they have?

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1National Museum of HaitiThe National Museum of Haiti is located in Port au Prince, Haiti. It was built in 1938. It is located at No. 1, National Road, near monteluis. It is not confused with the National Concert Hall of Haiti. The concert hall was also built in 1938, but it is located on the street opposite the National Palace.
The National Museum has a collection of information and handicrafts from the Arawak to the Taino people in Haiti until 1940. The murals on display show how the Spanish treated the Indians and the French treated the African slaves. There are also many exhibits about the monarch of Haiti, such as a pistol, which was used by King Henry Christopher at that time to commit suicide. One of the most important exhibits in the museum is the anchor of the ship Christopher Columbus, Santa Maria, which ran aground on the coast of Haiti on December 24, 1492.
2GonaïvesGonaives is the port city on the West Bank of the Republic of Haiti and the capital of Artibonite province. It is located on the Northeast Bank of Gonaives Bay and 110 kilometers southeast of Port au Prince. With a population of 200 million, it is the sixth largest city in Haiti. Gonaives declared the independence of the Republic of Haiti here on January 1, 1804, so it is also called an “independent city”.
Gonaives is the commercial center and distribution center of Artibonite plain. It has excellent harbors and mainly exports coffee, sugar, banana, cotton, and wood. It is also an important transportation hub, and the railway passes through enali; The highway leads to Port au Prince in the South and Cape Haidi in the north. In 1802, an important revolutionary war in Haiti took place near Gonaives. On January 1, 1804, the rebels captured Port au Prince and declared the independence of the Republic of Haiti. In 2004, the Haitian opposition organization launched a military coup, captured the place, and demanded that President Aristide step down.
3JérémieGeremi is a port city in the southwest of Haiti, on the right bank of the Rio Grande on the tiburon Peninsula, and is almost isolated from other parts of Haiti. According to the statistics of 2003, the population was about 31000. It was founded in 1756 and built-in 1804. It was rebuilt after being destroyed by a hurricane in 1954. Nearby agricultural products distribution center.
Jeremy mainly exports coffee, cocoa, and sugar. There are small factories such as cement, textile, soap making, and winemaking. Fishery center. The highway leads to laikai. Jeremy is known as the “city of poetry” for his numerous writers, poets, and historians. On January 30, 2010, after the great earthquake in Haiti, the food assistant escorted food to the airport in Geremi and was hijacked by more than 20 men. As the demand for medicine has greatly increased after the earthquake, medical necessities have also been airlifted to Geremi airport.
4Port-au-PrinceIt is the capital of the Republic of Haiti, the political, economic, and cultural center, and the largest city in Haiti. It is located on the kurdistak plain near the southeast Bank of gonav Bay, with a population of about 510000. In 1804, it was the capital of Haiti and the industrial center of Haiti. The industries mainly include sugar, cement, textile, flour, winemaking, soap making, pharmaceutical, shoe making, and clothing.
Port au Prince is a good natural port, with the throughput accounting for 60% ~ 70% of the national import and export materials. It has an international airport and an international route to the Caribbean islands. It is a transportation hub. The main buildings and monuments in the city include the National Palace, the new Cathedral, the government building, the Supreme Court, the Church of Santa Ana, the Church of San Jose, the Church of San Francisco, the Church of San Antonio, and the hospital of San Alejo. Haiti has two seasons in a year: from March to November, it is relatively hot, and from December to February, it is relatively cool. Different climates provide favorable conditions for the growth of plants. Tourism income is one of the main sources of foreign exchange, and most of the tourists are from the United States and Canada.
5Castle in National Historical Park, the palace of sans Susi, the fort of ramirsIt was built when Haiti declared its independence in the early 19th century. The palace of Sanssouci and the fort of ramirs, especially the ancient castle, were the first monuments of freedom built by the black slaves who gained freedom. Lanavidade is now a national historical park, covering an area of 25 square kilometers. Tourists can see the huge castle built by the absolute monarch King Henry I from 1811 to 1820. From the top of the queen tower, which is 40 meters high from the base, you can look down at the roof of the remote Cape Haidi and the wide curved Bay.
The castle consists of an irregular quadrangle with four huge towers. It is guarded by eight groups of artillery. The battery with 20 guns is arranged layer by layer. These guns of different calibers are placed on mobile gun trucks and can cover all corners with firepower. Only the west side is a cliff, and there is no defensive artillery. Inside the wall with an average thickness of 3.5 meters is the central courtyard called “army square”, surrounded by the governor’s palace, a barracks for 2000 people, which can accommodate 5000 people in case of emergency, as well as a chapel, ammunition depot and a well for cooling firearms. King Henry created the most beautiful official residence in America, with a total of four floors, standing on a broad and open platform. The fountain is spraying water. There are canals and pools in the garden, like the palace of Versailles.
6The presidential palace in HaitiIf you pass by here, you might as well try it. Go for a walk and have a look.
7Haiti rainforestNo matter where the rainforest is, it is a paradise for adventurers and the best place for tourists and sightseeing photographers.
8Civilian Cave in Port-au-Prince, the capital of HaitiIf you pass by here, you might as well try it. Go for a walk and have a look.
9LabadeeLabadee, a port on the northern coast of the Republic of Haiti, is now a leisure paradise for guests on Royal Caribbean cruises. Latin American music is playing on the cruise ship, which is warm and unrestrained. The island is as green as grass. There are local people waving on the beach. There are churches, schools, and villages in the distance from the island. The Labadi resort is completely designed for tourists. Walking through the channel from the dock to the land, you will meet the Haitian band. There are beautiful beaches in the north and south of the peninsula, which is a picturesque place. There are no historical sites in Labadi. The only available resources are marine resources. There is a reservation department at Buccaneer beach near the wharf. Many exciting water activities are reserved here, such as speedboats and parachutes. At adventure beach, you can play rope slide, beach volleyball, football, and basketball. What tourists like most are the rope slide dragon tail coaster, which looks at the scenery of Labadi from the air. The beach has big waves, and there are many rough rocks in the beach water, which is not suitable for swimming.
10 JacmelIt is located in the tiburon Peninsula, 39 kilometers northeast of Port au Prince, and is an important port along the Caribbean Sea. The population is 26100 (2003). The city is located on a hillside overlooking Jacmel Bay surrounded by palm trees. During the French colonial period, it was a shipping and transshipment port for sugar, coffee, and cotton, and thus prospered. A trade center for bananas, cocoa, honey, and other products. After the completion of a highway connecting port au Prince around 1980, Jacmel Bay became a tourist attraction.
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