Maybe one day, I will take a tour of New Zealand(Part II)

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29Waitomo Glowworm CavesThe Waitomo Firefly Cave is a limestone cave in the western mountain area of New Zealand’s North Island and a scenic spot in New Zealand. In Maori, Waitomo means surrounded by green water. On the wall of the cave, green light dots are scattered in layers.
These green lights are flashing on the dark water, doubling the light and shadow. This is a wonderful world belonging to green elves.
1. Three distinctive karst caves constitute firefly wormholes. Firefly wormholes are mainly composed of three distinctive karst caves, Waitomo Firefly wormhole, Ruakuli Cave and Aranui Cave. Firefly Cave is a stalactite cave with a history of more than 10000 years.
There was a small lake on the mountain of this cave,
which was sealed by ice. After the melting of ice and snow, it flowed into the rock fractures below and gradually eroded into the cave today. The Cathedral Cave in the Glowworm Cave in Waitomo is famous for its spatial echo.
Ruakuli Cave is a legendary underground cave, where you can hear the sound of underground waterfalls.
The entrance of the Aranui Cave is the tourist center, and the arched shed with a membrane structure is very powerful.
2. Thousands of fireflies enter the cave for sightseeing. You need to take a boat to enter the deep cave. After getting on the boat, the guide will pull the upper guide rope to push the boat forward. The strange light spots in the cave are the light emitted by thousands of fireflies. You will find green and white shadows on the rocks.
Look carefully. Under the light and shadow, there are irregular translucent filaments suspended from the cave roof. There are clear water drops on the silk-like crystal bead curtains. These beautiful filaments with mucus are fishing tools for fireflies to attract and prey on insects that come from the light. At present, the firefly is only found in New Zealand and Australia.
3. The Black Labyrinth Tour, the Abyss Tour, and the Odyssey Tour. In addition to the “Black Water Boating” in the Firefly Cave, if you are brave enough and have good endurance, you can also experience the Black Labyrinth Tour, the Abyss Tour,
and the Odyssey Tour organized by the legendary Blackwater Rafting Company. The three journeys will take 3-5 hours respectively. The journey will involve rock cave climbing, rope lowering, and tire rafting. Of course,
if you participate in these trips, you can not only enjoy free hot water showers but also enjoy delicious hot soup and local New Zealand pancakes. In addition, you can visit the Waitomo Cave Museum for free.
30Maori villageRotorua not only attracts tourists from all over the world with its rich geothermal landscape but also with its strong Maori culture. Maoris are the aborigines of New Zealand and the early owners of this land.
Rotorua is the center of Maori culture. Visitors from all over the world can enjoy the unique and soul-stirring Maori song and dance performances in the Maori Cultural Village here,
watch Maori or simple or exquisite sculptures and learn about Maori history, culture, and tradition. Tipula Maori Cultural Village is the birthplace of the Puhutu Geyser, mud pool, hot spring, New Zealand national bird, and wood carving of the world.
Maori Culture Village concentrates on Maori ancient houses here after repair, including a conference hall, housing, storage room, and other early buildings. Early Maori houses were made of cattail grass and palm branches, which were simple and low and could not be straight.
All kinds of storage rooms are supported by high feet, while the tool room is similar to the bamboo building of the Dai people in Yunnan, but is relatively small; The food room of the patriarch is very high from the ground and looks like a chair supported by an acrobat with bamboo.
There is an exhibition hall in the center of the village, which displays Maori unique sculptures. It is a good place for tourists to understand Maori culture. There is not only a world-renowned indigenous
culture but also an amazing geothermal culture. There are numerous hot springs and mud; Everywhere, the steam was diffused, and a strong sulfur smell came out. Being in the geothermal area is like riding on the clouds.
31Ageton FarmThe Eggerton Farm, located in Rotorua, North Island, is a large and advanced sightseeing farm in New Zealand, with an area of about 150 hectares. Here you can communicate with red deer, turkey, ostrich, alpaca, dairy cattle, small sheep, and many other animals you have never seen before.
The farm has a performance show of shearing wool and milking every day, which is very wonderful and fun. The iconic
copper wool shearing statue and ancient carriage stand are displayed at the gate of the farm. The Argonne Farm covers a large area. You need to take sightseeing tractors to visit the pastoral area. You can see cows and sheep grazing leisurely along the road in groups.
The tractor will stop on open grassland, and nearby sheep will come and surround you in the wind. In the alpaca area, tall alpacas have a very docile temperament,
and you can enjoy interacting with them for a group photo. In addition to intimate contact with various animals, you can also visit the farm orchard, see the flakes of kiwi fruit trees, and taste the unique taste of kiwi honey. After the farm trip, you can watch the farm show.
There will be a demonstration of wool shearing, a sheep auction, a shepherd dog show, etc. The host will also invite tourists to milk and compete with them to feed and drink lamb milk.
It’s very interesting. Visitors to the farm show can also visit the animal nursery. Before leaving, you can visit WoollenMill, ShearingShedMuseum, and DogandWhistle souvenir stores.
32Wai-O-Tapu Thermal WonderlandWai-o-Tapu, which means “holy water” in Maori, is one of the famous geothermal regions in Rotorua.
The famous places in the fairyland are the beautiful Champagne Pool and the Lady Knox Geyser, which starts to spray water at 10:15 every morning. This geothermal wonderland is centered on the Taupo volcanic area with frequent volcanic activities. The 3-kilometer walking path
guides you to various interesting scenic spots,
including the bubbling and extremely beautiful champagne pool, thick but always boiling mud, mineral-rich hot springs, and Ms. Knox’s geyser, which sprays water mysteriously at a fixed time every morning at 10:15 a.m,
The spout of water is as high as 20 meters.
In addition to watching all kinds of wonderful and magnificent natural landscapes along the walking path (please be careful not to walk into the area with warning signs to avoid danger),
you can also take a helicopter to take a bird’s eye view of the whole fantastic world of steam from above.
This is a well-developed scenic spot, equipped with large-scale shopping areas and cafes. If you are tired,
you can go to the cafes to have a cup of hot coffee and have a rest. Before you leave, you may as well purchase products that can represent Rotorua’s characteristics, such as a mud facial mask.
33Polynesian SpaWhen you come to Rotorua, the “hot spring village”, hot spring is an indispensable good program. As Rotorua is located in a geothermal area with strong volcanic activity, the city is full of hot springs,
and the air of the whole city is filled with a pleasant and charming sulfur smell. Rotorua is a wonderful natural tourist resort in the entire South Pacific region. Overlooking Rotorua Lake,
relax in the hot mineral springs, and turn your eyes to the quiet but not-so-peaceful volcano in the distance! The mist on the lake covers you,
and you often have to suspect
that you are in a dream world. Polynesia Hot Spring, located on the bank of Rotorua Lake, is one of the top ten hot springs in the world. For 130 years, people have come here to try the hot mineral spa.
Two types of hot springs are filled with 26 pools of hot springs: the priest’s acid hot spring has an amazing effect
on improving muscle fatigue and relieving pain;
While the Rachel Alkaline Hot Spring, due to the sodium antibacterial effect of silicic acid, will have almost
unbelievable smooth skin after washing.
People here believe that the Rachel Hot Spring Water is the secret of eternal youth. If you don’t want to soak in the hot spring in your bathing suit, rent a private swimming pool and soak in the hot spring without fear!
34Moeraki Boulders BeachIn the quiet and tranquil South Island of New Zealand, there is a place called Moeraki on the east coast. When the tide recedes,
more than 50 huge round stones will be seen rising out of the sea. It is more appropriate to say that they are stones than giant stone eggs.
Its round shape and magical internal structure make everyone who sees these stones have to sigh from the bottom of his heart.
35Larnach CastleLanka Castle is located in the Otago Peninsula and is the only castle in New Zealand. This castle was William Lanka’s first wife,
Eliza Jane ElizaJaneGuise. There are 43 rooms and a big dance hall in the castle. Its gorgeous carving, fine stone carving, wood carving, painting, and glassware are outstanding.
The castle was started in 1871. After it took two hundred workers five years to complete it, their families moved in. After that,
it took 11 years for European craftsmen to decorate, and the materials were taken from all over the world.
Tip: William William Larnach was a minister of the British colonial government, a banker, a capitalist, and a business magnate.
36DunedinIn the middle of the 19th century, the Scots built the city of Dunedin here, which is now the fourth largest city in New Zealand. The subsequent gold rush brought a large number of people and wealth to this young city. The whole city is mainly in the style of Scottish architecture, so it is known as a city with Scottish style except Scotland.
37Te Oha-a-MaruOmalu, located in North Otago, is a beautiful European town with both modern and historical features. There are many well-protected historical buildings, many of which are built with locally produced limestone, known as “The Whitestone City”. Omaru Harbor is a colony of penguins. You can see yellow-eyed penguins and small blue penguins in the world.
This is a harbor town with both natural scenery and historical culture. It was once prosperous in the gold rush era at the end of the 19th century.
Limestone abounds here,
so many ancient buildings are made of limestone, which is particularly clean and elegant. The whole town looks bright and artistic.
There are many well-preserved historical buildings in New Zealand in the town. Walking along the ancient streets, you can see 19th-century vehicles parked under the corner of the street from time to time,
such as bicycles with large front wheels and small rear wheels, rickshaws with leather seats, carriages with small front wheels, and large rear wheels. There are also grocery stores displaying all kinds of accessories, and you can also visit wool processing plants.
You can even find that all the staff in this historic city are wearing 19th-century clothes. Suddenly, you will feel that you have gone back to the Victorian era.
As the habitat of the smaller penguins in the world,
namely the little blue penguins, the name Omaru has been familiar to many people. At dusk, you can watch the little blue penguins coming home from fishing.
Although there are little blue penguins in southern Australia and many places in New Zealand, the penguins here are very close to humans.
38First Church Of OtagoThe first church is the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, which was built in 1873. The 60m tall steeple silently tells of religious dignity.
The interior of the church has the characteristics of a typical Presbyterian church in the 19th century, and the bright-colored glass is very eye-catching. The high window above the altar is very beautiful, just like a real flower petal, which deserves the reputation of “Rose Window”.
On the 56-meter-high clock tower, there are 12 clocks, which were put up in 1975.
The first church has a tourist service center, which displays the church’s historical relics and also sells souvenirs.
39Punakaiki Pancake Rock and BlowholePunakaiki is a small village, where there is a famous scenic spot, which is the stone-like thousand-layered cake
and the cave that can spray the seawater tens of meters high. The creation of this wonder is attributed to the ability of nature, and the beautiful scenery is achieved due to weathering and erosion.
40Shantytown Heritage ParkThe shantytown historical relics park is a gold rush town in the middle of the 19th century, which was specially rebuilt by local people decades ago to commemorate the precious history of the West Bank. It is like a museum, collecting all the objects donated by people at that time.
Here you can take the train, visit the museum, have a drink in the bar, and try real gold mining. It is a place for both learning and entertainment, which is very suitable for families to travel.
41Mount VictoriaVictoria Mountain, 196 meters high, is located in the east of Wellington City. It used to be used as a lookout tower. Maori called it “Matterange”,
which means a place to look at the sky.
Now there is a Mount Victoria Lookout on the top of the mountain, which is a good place for a 360 ° panoramic view of Wellington and overlooking the beautiful harbor scenery.
Victoria Mountain is also the shooting place of the first part of the trilogy of the movie Lord of the Rings. In the play, the fleeing Hobbit escaped from the black knight in the thick forest on the mountainside,
and it is only a few minutes away from the bustling city of Wellington.
You can go up the mountain from Oriental Avenue or Majoribanks
The street along the footpath.
On both sides of the mountain winding road are small villas of Wellington’s rich people, and modern houses with distinctive characteristics are very beautiful.
After arriving at the viewing platform
At the top of the mountain, you can see the full picture of the coastal city and the ferry crossing the bay. When the weather is fine,
you can clearly see Wellington Airport and the takeoff and landing of the aircraft.
Not far from the viewing platform is a pyramid, a monument to the famous Antarctic explorer Major General Richard Byrd.
At night, you can find the position of the Southern Cross by following the extension line on the side of the pyramid.
42Weta WorkshopVita Studios is a comprehensive film and television special effects company with an area of 65000 square feet. Its business scope includes design, professional props modeling, and repair,
biological props production, armor weapons production,
micro sculpture, large-scale scenes, scenery, and clothing production.
The special effects in films such as The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, and Avatar are all produced by Vita’s production team. It is called the “Global Niu Special Effect Studio”.
It is a film behind-the-scenes trip for movie fans. It allows tourists to walk into the prop dressing room and understand the story behind the film’s special effects.
43Wellington Botanic GardenWellington Botanical Garden covers an area of 25 hectares.
There are not only exotic flowers and plants in the southern hemisphere
but also famous flowers and trees in the northern hemisphere! French rose, Chinese tea, Brazilian coral tree, Argentina’s “devil’s hand”, Phoenix tree in the Canary Islands, Australian beech, Norfolk fir, African cedar, North American tulip tree, Dutch tulip, Japanese cherry blossom, all of which are available. They are not trifling and boring botanical gardens.
There is a footpath in the park, and it is a very pleasant thing for everyone to walk in the red flowers and green trees. But if you want to walk around, it will take you a whole day! If you want to visit essence, it is recommended
to visit lady Norwood’s rose garden on the east side of the park. From November to May of the next year, more than 300 kinds of roses were blooming
in the concentric circle-shaped courtyard, and the fragrance was very pleasant. If you have eyes and ears, you will also meet wonderful open-air concerts held on the stage in the courtyard from time to time.
44Oriental BayOriental Bay is a district of Wellington, located at the foot of the north slope of Victoria Mountain,
1.5 kilometers southeast of the city center. Because it has a beach close to the city center, it has become one of the popular places for life, leisure, and tourism. Especially in summer, when we arrive here,
it becomes more lively. Many restaurants, cafes, and bars also
attract many people to visit here.
This is not only a good place
for people who like swimming but also a good place for families and children to play. It is also a carnival place for party lovers.
45Cuba Street DistrictCuba Street is a prosperous commercial street in Wellington, which is very Bohemian style. You can see many foreign-style restaurants
such as Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Indian style,
and taste delicious food from all over the world. The streets are also densely covered with boutique clothing stores, fashion shops, art galleries, and cafes. When you are tired, you can go to taste a cup of pure American coffee.
When wandering around, you will see many second-hand records and books, nostalgic clothing and alternative furniture,
as well as performance art performers or occasional charity sales, which are full of life atmosphere.
46Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa)Tippa National Museum in New Zealand is a large museum in the southern hemisphere. It is located at the seaside pier in Wellington
and was founded in 1963. The name of the museum is “Tippa Dongareva” in Maori, which means “the container of treasure”. The museum has a rich collection of Maori culture,
as well as Maori Hall and Pacific art exhibits. If you want to know the customs and historical stories of New Zealand, you should come here. The museum is divided into six floors. On the first floor, there are museum shops and cafes on both sides of the hall. From the second floor to the sixth floor, there are different themes such as geology
and biology, changes in landforms, Maori life and culture, folk customs and art, outdoor sculpture balconies, etc. There are many interesting interactive displays
in the museum. In the earthquake house,
you can feel the shock of the earth shaking and the mountains shaking. You can also get close contact with the king’s sour squid face to face, and watch 3D animation to understand its life mysteries. In addition, there are “exploration centers”
and other facilities specially built for children. In addition to these permanent exhibitions, the museum also often holds some short-term contemporary art and culture exhibitions and other activities,
which need to purchase tickets separately.
The museum itself is also very interesting. Before leaving, don’t forget to stand in front of the exhibition hall and look at this
expensive building and the sculpture in front of it – the tree twisted by iron wire, looks real.
47Lake TekapoTekapo Lake is located between Christchurch and Queenstown, in the heart of Cook Mountain Basin and MacKenzie. There is a small town on the south side of the lake, which is sparsely populated. The mountains in the distance are covered with snow, just like a paradise.
1. The mysterious beauty of Tekapo Lake
Tekapo Lake is famous for the mysterious beauty of its lake color. As the glaciers in the southern Alps melt and pour into the lake, the rocks in the glaciers break into a fine powder, so the lake water appears milky blue.
2. Surrounding scenic spots
You can walk along the footpath beside the lake, breathe fresh air, feel the embrace of nature, and enjoy the beauty of the lake. There is a small Shepherd Church
near the lake. This is a complete stone church, which overlooks
the whole of Lake Tekapo. It was built in 1935 to commemorate the pioneers.
Sitting in the church, you can see lake Tekapo and the southern
The Alps in the distance through the window. Not far from the church,
you can see a sculpture of a shepherd dog, which is to praise the faithful friends of the highland shepherds.
3. One of the best places to watch the stars
Tekapo Lake is one of the best places
to watch the Southern Cross. Every year,
a large number of star lovers go to watch the
sky at night or take pictures of the orbit. There are
mysterious stars in the southern hemisphere that visitors
from the northern hemisphere cannot see. Especially in winter,
there is a high chance to witness the aurora. Therefore, if time permits, you might as well choose to stay at Tekapo Lake for one night to enjoy the mystery of the starry sky.
4. Complete supporting services
There are also several cafes and leisure restaurants nearby, and tourist souvenir shops are also indispensable. After playing, you can have a cup of coffee or a casual meal with the beautiful scenery. It’s really not better to have a fairyland lake view.
48Mount JohnJohn Hill is the commanding point of the town of Tekapo Lake.
From the top of the hill, you can overlook the whole picture
of Tecapo Lake and the town. Mt John University Observatory
is a famous stargazing point on the top of the mountain,
and you can experience the world-famous stargazing beauty of Tekapo at night.
49Lake AlexandrinaLake Alexandrina is a little-known secret place hidden near Lake Tekapo. Climbing the top of Mount John, you can see Lake Tekapo and Lake Alexandrina
at the same time. Lake Alexandrina is very quiet
and isolated from the rest of the world. It is different from the people coming and going by Tekapo Lake. It has the beauty of a paradise.
50Earth and SkyEarth and Sky show the beautiful scenery of Tekapo Lake, the starry sky town, and the beautiful scenery of snow mountains and blue lakes.
51Great Lake TaupoTaupo Lake is a large lake in New Zealand, located on the volcanic plateau in the middle of the North Island.
The upper reaches of the Waikato River (Tongariro River) flow from the south, and the lake water flows from the northeast
of the lake through the Waikato River.
The lake covers several craters. There are many geothermal hot springs around the lake, which can be used for healing or power generation. The Waikato River Hydropower Plant is built.
52MatamataMatamata Town is the shooting place of the film Lord of the Rings. Those who
have seen the trilogy Lord of the Rings
and the series of movies Hobbit will be fascinated
by the scenes where the Hobbit lives. Here,
you can follow the guide to experience the scenes in the film. It must be a tourist destination, that the fans of Lord of the Rings are looking forward to.
53Hamilton GardensHamilton Garden is not planned, and developed according to the traditional botanical garden, but focuses on the relationship between people, and plants. It contains five theme garden series,
covering a total area of 58 hectares. The Paradise Botanical Garden series includes colorful gardens representing China, Britain, Japan, the United States, and Italy. Each garden has its own style, and its design style and theme are quite different.
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