List of Bolivian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationship Introduction
Bolivian government websites government website with a brief overview of the functions of government departments, government news, government archives, etc. The Plurinational State of Bolivia, or Bolivia for short, is located in the center of South America, with the capital Sucre and the executive and legislative capital La Paz. It has a presidential republican system, with the President as the head of state and government.
Radio Panamericana Bolivia website website Radio Panamericana Bolivia is a local Bolivian internet radio station that broadcasts popular music programs and the language of the website in Spanish.
Bolivian weekly newspaper Weekly is an English-language newspaper covering Bolivian news in a wide range of categories including business and economy, education and minors, environment, health, culture, international, law, politics, sports, travel, and more. It is mainly text-based, with some photo coverage.
Red PAT PAT is one of the larger Bolivian TV stations that keeps up to date with TV programs, even though it updates all kinds of news, provides schedules of programs broadcast, previews of programs, interviews with people, weather, and links to other partner websites, etc. The website is in Spanish.
ATB is the leading Bolivian television station that broadcasts general news programs, providing schedules, interviews, content, online news broadcasts, and other information in Spanish.
Travel Bolivia, Inc. Bolivia operates a large, highly professional team with complete and high-quality software and hardware facilities, aiming to provide world-class travel services to travelers.
Eldeber website is a Bolivian news website. The site includes city news, Bolivian news, world news, sports, technology, women, and radio. The language of the site in Spanish.
CANAL 13 Television Universitaria website is the official website of CANAL 13 Television Universitaria, the famous Bolivian entertainment television station located in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. The website provides information on its TV schedule, previews, online videos, and other information in Spanish.
El Dia Dia is a Bolivian news website that focuses on political, economic, social, military, and sports news from the country and internationally. The site features graphic and photo news that occupies most of its pages, and its language is Spanish.
El Diario (Bolivia) Diario (Bolivia).
Google Bolivia site world’s largest search engine Google Bolivia site.
La Razón newspaper La Razón (The Rational).
La Prensahttp://www.laprensa.comBolivianBolivian newspaper La Prensa (The News).
DIRECTV website is the official website of DIRECTV, the Bolivian television station that broadcasts television series. The website provides information on the schedule of DIRECTV’s programs, previews of programs, reviews of TV series, commercials, shopping, weather forecasts, etc. The website is in Spanish.
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