List of Sierra Leone news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for reference only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Sierra Leone Presidency Official LeoneThe official website of the Presidency of Sierra Leone, in English, includes a brief introduction to the President and information on his latest activities, news, speeches, photo and video archives, cabinet composition, etc. It also includes parliamentary news archives, the country’s constitution, investment guides, public services, etc..
Sierra Leone Sports Life LeoneThis website is the website of a non-governmental sports organization in Sierra Leone, which promotes sports, all of which are non-restrictive to religious beliefs. The language of the website is English.
Sierra Leone Music Television LeoneFounded in 2000, Sierra Leone Music Television is a national non-profit organization with a website that not only connects communities through the entertainment industry but also introduces a vibrant culture to a growing, new generation of viewers
Sierra Leone Tourism website LeoneThe website of the Sierra Leone Tourism Board is the portal of Sierra Leone, which introduces the local details in terms of tourism, business, and geography respectively.
Cocorioko is the most widely circulated and read newspaper in Sierra Leone, launched in 1973.http://cocorioko.infoSierra LeoneCocorioko is the most widely circulated and read newspaper in Sierra Leone, launched in 1973. The website is its official website and features content about Cocorioko, news flash, commentary, editorials, obituaries, opinion views, political highlights, features, sports, entertainment, weather, search, forums, videos, and more. The website language is English.
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