List of Mauritanian websites for news, video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
Mauritania Government Islamic Republic of Mauritania, abbreviated as Mauritania, is located in the western part of the African Sahara Desert, with its capital and seat of government in Nouakchott, and its official language is Arabic
Nouakchott Daily News Journal du Nouakchott is a French-language daily newspaper founded in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, which reports on a wide range of information on policy, economy, ethnicity, health, society, culture, sports, and other aspects, in addition to reports on international news. The Nouakchott Daily News website is available in French and Arabic.
Araqaba Information Network Information Network is one of the largest comprehensive websites in Mauritania, Africa. Al-Akhbar means “news” in Arabic.
Le Quotidien de Nouakchotthttp://www.quotidien-nouakchott.comMauritanianLe Quotidien de Nouakchott is a French-language daily newspaper located in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. The website is its official website and provides news and information on news, sports, editorials, health, education, culture, and business. The website is available in French and Arabic.
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