List of Salvadoran news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website Relationships Introduction
The Republic of El Salvador Republic of El Salvador, or El Salvador for short, is located in North America. The capital and seat of government are San Salvador and the official language is Spanish. It has a republican system of government and the President is the Head of State and Government.
Official website of the El Salvador Tourism Board official website of the Salvadoran Tourist Board presents useful information on thematic tourism, tourist attractions, leisure and life, transport and hotels, car rental services, etc. in El Salvador.
Today’s Daily’s Daily is one of the largest newspapers in El Salvador and one of the top 14 newspapers in South America. It publishes news that tends to be conservative and the website offers news, sports, weather, chat and dating, horoscopes, etc. The website language is Spanish.
National Press of El Salvador  SalvadoranThe National Press of El Salvador is the agency responsible for coordinating and executing the printing and publication of the “Official Gazette” of the Salvadoran State, in which all documents are published in accordance with the law. It also provides printing services requested by the public sector, legal entities, and private sector personnel.
El Faro  SalvadoranEl Faro is an online digital newspaper from El Salvador, founded in 1998. It claims to be the first exclusively digital newspaper in Latin America.
La Prensa Gráfica  SalvadoranLa Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador News) is a Salvadoran daily newspaper. The newspaper is owned by Grupo Duritz. It is a mainstream metropolitan newspaper and was the first newspaper in Central America to be published in color.
Google El Salvador the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos, and much more.
News from El Salvador from El Salvador.
Diario1http://diario1.comSalvadoranBreaking news from El Salvador and the world about politics, sports, economy, technology, opinion, culture, and entertainment, we are the best digital newspaper in El Salvador.
CRONIOhttp://cronio.svSalvadoranNews from El Salvador.
Canal 12 12 is located in San Salvador, Saldova, and offers lifestyle, entertainment and literature, providing the latest entertainment news, celebrity interviews, previews, shows online, schedules, etc. The website language is Spanish.
Tele El Salvador El Salvador is one of the largest television stations in Saldova, offering news, previews, guides, schedules, reviews, online programs, etc. in Spanish.
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