List of Jamaican news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Jamaica.gov Jamaica (English: Jamaican) is of Indian origin, meaning “land of forest and water”. It was originally inhabited by the Arawak Indian people and became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations on August 6, 1962. It covers an area of 10,991 square kilometers. It is located in the northwest of the Caribbean Sea and its capital is Kingston.
Reggae Entertainment Television Entertainment Television is Jamaica’s largest entertainment variety channel, offering schedules, the latest entertainment news, celebrity interviews, entertainment previews, etc. The website is in Spanish.
The Jamaica Observer Jamaica Observer is an English-language daily newspaper published and printed in Kingston, Jamaica, founded in 1993. Its official website includes news, business, sports, life, women, western news, environment, videos, pictures, classified ads, and more.
Jamaica Music Network Music Network provides free Jamaican music videos and links, and weekly updates on a featured musician or band and their information
Jamaica Gleaner News http://www.jamaica-gleaner.comJamaicanJamaica Gleaner News features Jamaican sports, business, health, education, entertainment, commentary, and snapshots.
Go-jamaica.com is a Jamaican news portal with news, blogs, sports, music, chat, entertainment, videos, and more.
google jamaica jamaica site, search engine site.
JAMAICA NEWS NETWORK TV Jamaica is one of the largest and most influential news stations in Jamaica, focusing on economic, social, and political news, with serious topics, offering schedules, online news, videos, etc. The website is in Spanish.
Hype TV TV is one of Jamaica’s most famous television stations with high ratings in the country, offering schedules, previews of program content, news interviews, celebrity interviews, current entertainment, the latest current affairs news, etc. The website is in Spanish.
CARIBBEAN FAITH NETWORK website is the official website of the television station Caribbean Faith Network, located in Georgetown, Jamaica, one of the most influential television stations in Jamaica. The website is kept up to date with the TV schedule, providing previews of programs, and recaps of past programs, and is in Spanish.
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