List of Romanian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name Website RelationshipsIntroduction
Romania Online Online is one of the most influential portals in Romania, combining news, business, advertising, video sharing, photo sharing, astrology, greeting cards, music, entertainment, sports, real estate, mobile phones, tourism, weather, etc. The language of the site is Romanian.
Radio Romania International Romania International (RRI) is a radio station owned by the Romanian Public Broadcasting Company. It broadcasts daily in ten foreign languages and has more than 9,300 hours of broadcasting time in a year.
Romanian newspaper Today newspaper Today is a daily newspaper published in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and is one of the higher selling newspapers in the country. The main content of the website includes calendar, policy, life, news, diplomacy, sports, economy, useful information, etc. is a Romanian news website. The site was created in October 1999 by a team of financial journalists, initially it was just a newspaper review. It was renamed in 2005.
Romanian National Tourist Office Romanian National Tourist Office is the official representative of the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism in the United States and Canada. The Tourist Office was established in 1968 to meet the growing demand for authentic information and knowledge about tourism.
Romanian government websites of the Romanian government, available in Romanian, English, and French, with content such as government institutions, a brief overview of the functions of the Prime Minister, news, etc. Romania is located in the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. The capital and seat of government are Bucharest and the official language is Romanian.
Sport.ro website is a Romanian sports portal. It covers the top news on sports from football to Formula 1 in Romania and abroad. The website is in Romanian.
Romanian web portal’s number-one portal for downloads, software, advertising, news, horoscopes, exchange rates, itineraries, weather, meteorology, greeting cards, music, movies, etc.
Google search engine Romanian site search engine Romanian site, web, image and news search, supports personalized search and local search, offers forum, mailbox, calendar service, and desktop search tools.
Antena 1 television antenna 1 television (Antena 1 television).
Romanian Mediafax news agency Mediafax news agency.
Alfa Omega TV Omega TV, a Romanian general television station located in Timisoara, Romania, with a signal covering the whole of Romania, offers program schedules, online previews of program content, recaps and queries of past programs, the latest top stories and news updates, etc. The website language is Romanian.
RomanianAnalog TV is a well-known Romanian TV station located in Timisoara, Romania, offering news and information on TV and other topical programs, online videos, etc. The website is in Romanian
sport.ro website is a Romanian sports portal. It covers the top news on sports from football to Formula 1 in Romania and abroad. The website is in Romanian.
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