List of Palau news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for reference only)

Name Website RelationshipIntroduction
Rock Island Tour Company (RITC) Island Tour Company (RITC) is one of the few travel agencies in Palau that has always enjoyed a high reputation.
Palau Tourism Authority Official official website of the Palau Visitors Bureau provides an overview of Palau, arrival information, accommodation and hotels, tourist activities, tourist attractions, travel information, and more.
Palau Sardegna Sardegna is one of Palau’s leading local portals, featuring Palau’s history and culture, local customs, attractions, and some travel advice, as well as links to other larger websites. is available in both English and Italian.
Palau government website government website in English with country profile, government profile, executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch profile.
Palau National Communications Corporation:PNCC National Communications Corporation (PNCC), provides Internet access, cable television, and mobile communications.

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