List of Marshall Islands news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsite Relationship Introduction
Official Website of the Marshall Islands Presidency Islands Official website of the RMI Presidency in Marshallese and English, with a brief overview of government functions, issues, development blueprints, news, speeches, etc.
Marshall Islands Tourism Authority Islands The mission of the Marshall Islands Tourism Authority is to develop guidelines that are conducive to domestic and foreign private sector investment in the tourism industry, to build infrastructure for tourism development, to protect the natural environment, and to ensure long-term environmental and social stability.
RiMajolOnline Islands RiMajolOnline is the Marshall Islands portal for local news, lifestyle information, pictures, music, forums, chat, and other services and information.
The Marshall Islands Daily News Islands The Marshall Islands Journal is a bilingual daily newspaper in French and English that focuses on news and current events of life in the Marshall Islands. It is sold for US$1 and is a daily read for local islanders.
Marshall Islands news websites Islands This website is a news website for the Marshall Islands. The website provides sports and health news from the island. The language of the site is English.
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