List of New Caledonian news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

NameWebsite RelationshipIntroduction
Government of New Caledonia CaledonianWebsite of the Government of New Caledonia, the language of the website is French. New Caledonia is located in Oceania, with Nouméa as its capital and French as its official language.
Beautiful New Caledonia Travel Agency CaledonianBeautiful New Caledonia Travel has a team of skilled and professional travel services, the whole team is dedicated to offering visitors a magical and enjoyable trip to New Caledonia with exclusive packages and great accommodation rates for travelers’ trips.
The Blue Dog newspaper CaledonianThe Blue Dog is one of New Caledonia’s more satirical newspapers, with more articles covering the country’s politics and economy, as well as including letters from readers and lots of cartoon content.
Tourism New Caledoniahttp://www.visitnewcaledonia.comNew CaledonianThis website is the official website of Tourism New Caledonia, providing useful information on New Caledonia’s tourism, attractions, programs, photos, customs and culture, transportation, and accommodation information.
Les Nouvelles caledonienneshttp://www.lnc.ncNew CaledonianLes Nouvelles Caledonians is the only newspaper in New Caledonia, a French-language daily created in 1971.
NRJ CaledonianThis radio station broadcasts the latest and most popular music news, and the site also offers a wide range of topical stories, pictures, and a wealth of multimedia information. It is the country’s main online media. The language of the website is French.
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