List of Nepalese video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for information only)

NepaliSite.comhttp://www.nepalisite.comNepaleseNepalese entertainment website with music, videos, online TV, fashion, singers, models, Nepalese news, and more.
CyberNepal’s number-one entertainment portal with articles and photos of Nepalese celebrities from all walks of life.
Nepal Newshttp://www.nepalnews.comNepaleseNepalese news, weather, newspapers, and other news and information.
Nepal Timeshttp://www.nepalitimes.comNepaleseNepali Times is a weekly English-language newspaper that provides in-depth coverage of Nepali politics, business, culture, tourism, and society.
Gorkhapatra is the oldest national daily newspaper in Nepal. It is run by Gorkhapatra Sansthan. It was launched as a weekly in May 1901 and became a daily in 1961.
eKantipur.comhttp://www.ekantipur.comNepaleseProviding the latest news and headlines including national, international, political, sports, finance, business, entertainment, pictures, videos, and much more.
Onlinekhabarhttp://www.onlinekhabar.comNepaleseThe largest news website in Nepal.
Setopatihttp://www.setopati.comNepaleseNepal’s digital newspaper, online Nepalese news, covers Nepalese politics, society, markets, arts, entertainment, and sports.
Nepal National News Agency National News Agency (RSS) has a nationwide network and is the largest and longest-serving news agency in Nepal.
Khabarhubhttps://www.khabarhub.comNepaleseKhabarhub is Nepal’s trusted digital news media, telling and spreading the truth as it is by avoiding alliances with any special interests and observing all protocols. It contains political, business, national, social, sports, health, technology, lifestyle, and entertainment news in addition to exclusive interviews, opinion pieces, features, and more.
Ratopatihttps://www.ratopati.comNepaleseTatopani is the best online news portal in Nepal covering politics, opinion, sports, entertainment, corporate, English news, blogs, and other news in Nepal.
News 24 hours 24 is a leading Nepali television station that provides news services 24 hours a day, including political, economic, social, cultural, and educational aspects. The official website of the station provides information on program schedules, program previews, online program viewing, etc. The website language is English.
Gorkha News Newspaper Gorkha News is Nepal’s oldest Nepali language newspaper, based in Kathmandu.
Nepal Federal Government Network of the Federal Government of Nepal in the English language with various links to official websites of the country’s leadership, government departments, legislature, judiciary, etc.
Kantipur.com is one of the largest web portals in Nepal for email, chat and dating, sports, entertainment, the latest news and information of all kinds, weather and travel, games, etc. The website language includes English and Nepali.
Nepal Daily News Daily News is the oldest Nepali language newspaper in Nepal with editorial headquarters in Kathmandu. Online Nepali Daily News is an upgrade from the paper edition and allows readers to read the daily, weekly, and monthly e-newspaper online, which is both convenient and quick.
Nepalese Music website aims to introduce traditional and contemporary music within Nepal. The website provides news on Nepali music, multimedia resources related to auditioning and watching, and charts of singles and music videos. It also offers wallpapers of musicians for download. The language of the site is English.
RHINO TRAVEL AGENCY in 1980, Rhino Travel Agency (RTA) has maintained a high standard of travel services during its many years of experience in the travel industry and is committed to providing the most comprehensive and thoughtful travel advisory information and travel services to tourists worldwide. The travel agency has a team of experienced and professional travel service providers who offer a wide range of services such as adventure tours to Nepal, flight booking, accommodation arrangements, hotel booking, and resort booking.
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ABC TV (NEPAL) TV Nepal is one of the few television stations in Nepal to provide general programming, offering program schedules, previews of program content, newsman tracking and insights, program highlights recaps, programs to enjoy online, etc. The language of the website is Nepali, the official language.
NEPALL INFO website provides information resources for easy learning and understanding of Nepal, including Nepali language courses to learn, Nepali fonts to download, Nepali keyboarding software, and more. Not only that, but the site also provides various external links to resources to help users learn Nepali, it is the best introduction for users who want to learn Nepali.
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