List of Libyan statutory holidays and traditional festivals in 2023

FebruaryLiberation Day
2023-02-17 Friday
Public holidays
AprilEid ul Fitr
2023-04-22 Saturday
2023-04-22 Saturday
MayMay Day
2023-05-01 Monday
2023-04-22 Saturday
JuneDay of Arafah
2023-06-28 Wednesday
2023-04-22 Saturday
Eid ul Adha
2023-06-29 Thursday
2023-04-22 Saturday
JulyMuharram/Islamic New Year
2023-07-19 Wednesday
2023-04-22 Saturday
SeptemberDay of Martyr Omar Al-Mokhtar
2023-09-16 Saturday
2023-04-22 Saturday
Milad un Nabi (Mawlid)
2023-09-27 Wednesday
2023-04-22 Saturday
OctoberLiberation Day observed
2023-10-23 Monday
2023-04-22 Saturday
DecemberIndependence Day
2023-12-24 Sunday
2023-04-22 Saturday
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