List of Indonesian video sites, TV, radio, newspapers, and other websites (for reference only)

Vidio.com online video-sharing sites such as video clips, funny, streams, streaming TV, and live streaming. Upload your videos, spread the word and earn money!
KapanLagi.comhttp://www.kapanlagi.comIndonesianIndonesia’s largest entertainment website. News, gossip, movie and music reviews, photos, games, greeting cards, and more.
detikHothttps://hot.detik.comIndonesianIndonesian entertainment website, online digital entertainment.
Grid.IDhttps://www.grid.idIndonesianLatest news from celebrities.
Indonesia SCTV TV SCTV TV website.
Television Republic of Indonesia (TVRI) Republik Indonesia is the national television station of Indonesia.
RCTI (RCTI)’s largest private television station, Eagle Kee TV (RCTI: Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia).
Papua News Agency News Agency website.
Jakarta Globe Globe is an English-language daily newspaper in Indonesia, which was launched on 12 November 2008. The newspaper has an average of 48 pages and is only published from Monday to Saturday.
Bali Times Bali Times (The Bali Times) is the only English-language newspaper in broadsheet format in Bali, Indonesia.
Indonesia’s Voice of Innovation newspaper Pembaruan (The Voice of Indonesian Innovation) is an Indonesian language afternoon daily newspaper. It was established in 1987 and is one of the largest newspapers in Indonesia.
Indonesia Republic Newspaper (Indonesian Republican Newspaper) is one of the national daily newspapers in Indonesia. It is also known as a Moslem publication. it was founded in 1992 by Yayasan Abdi Bangsa and was first published on 3 January 1993.
Indonesia Independent People’s Newspaper Merdeka is a daily Indonesian-language tabloid owned by Jawa Pos, the country’s largest media conglomerate. it also offers controversial headlines, unique articles, and recognizable cartoons.
Indonesia Times Newspaper Koran Tempo (Indonesian Times) is an Indonesian language daily newspaper owned by PT Tempo Inti Media Harian
Indonesia Media Newspaper Indonesia (Media Indonesia) is a daily newspaper in Indonesia.
Indonesia Compass Newspaper Indonesia (Indonesian Compass) is a leading Indonesian newspaper
Indonesia Business News Indonesia (Indonesian Business Newspaper) is a daily newspaper in Indonesia.
The Jakarta Post The Jakarta Post (The Jakarta Post) is an English-language daily newspaper in Indonesia.
Indonesia News and Information Online news and information online website with sections on news, international, economy, video, celebrities, sports, football, technology, cars, campus, Ramadan, pictures, and more.
Republic of Indonesia Television Republic of Indonesia Television is the national television station of Indonesia and the oldest and the only one with national coverage, having started broadcasting in 1962. It is Channel 119’s Singha in Singapore.
Thousand Islands Daily News Thousand Islands Daily was founded on 10 October 2000 with the aim of fighting for and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese people, promoting the harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups, and creating prosperity for the national community. The headline of the newspaper reads “Peace on the island, happiness for the people”.
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