List of Kiribati news and video websites, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. (for information only)

Name WebsiteRelationship Introduction
Kiribati Tourism Authority official website official website of the Kiribati Tourism Authority is a service for travelers, not tourists. Kiribati is a good choice for people who have a feeling for exploration and discovery and who enjoy unusual and adventurous activities. The official website provides an overview of Kiribati, tourist activities, transport and travel, practical information and much more.
Kiribati-Voyages is one of the largest web portals in Kiribati, providing the latest news and information, on tourism, information, weather, entertainment, etc. It is mainly aimed at Kiribati locals, hence the language of the site is Kiwi.
KIRITOURS Kiribati Travel Agency (Kiritours) is a tourism organization formed by the Kiribati government. As the island of Kiribati is dominated by mining, tourism is underdeveloped, and because of the sparse population, the local travel agency is basically dominated by the government, and some travel agencies operating in South Pacific countries are also involved in some of Kiribati’s tourism routes. The travel agency’s website focuses on Kiribati’s various tourist attractions, providing information on hotels and itineraries, and is available in English.
KIRIBATI TRADITIONAL MUSIC page presents traditional music from Kiribati with detailed content information and links to information from other Pacific countries. The language of the site is English.
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