In cold winter, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity, eliminate fire hazards, and ensure a safe winter.

In cold winter, in fact, everything becomes very dry and easy to catch fire. At this stage, everyone should improve their awareness of fire prevention, which is particularly important. Fire will bring us great losses, and even threaten personal safety.

What are the hidden dangers of family fire? In winter, the weather becomes very cold, and each of us should take good measures to keep warm. At this time, we will use the stove or electricity to cook or keep warm frequently. If we choose heating equipment, we should carefully choose, and not buy products with poor quality. And it must be used in accordance with the specifications. It is better to choose electrical appliances with intelligent functions for heating equipment, such as automatic power-off in case of high temperature, or automatic power-off in case of tilting to the ground. Protect the elderly or children in the family. Never fold the electric blanket for use. When using the electric heater at home, keep the combustibles away from the electric heater. Don’t put clothes or leaflets on the electric heater. After the electric heater is used up, power must be cut off.

When winter comes, the equipment at home will be in a state of heavy load, so you should regularly check the electrical circuit at home to ensure that there is no potential safety hazard. The circuit socket shall not be overloaded to avoid overload ignition. If you are away from home for business, no matter how long you are away from home, you should turn off the running electrical equipment and become a good habit of using electricity.

When using electricity in the kitchen, pay attention to the standard. When cooking, people must pay attention at all times. Don’t leave the kitchen. When the oil pan catches fire, don’t worry. Cover the pot in time to extinguish the fire. Don’t water it, it’s wrong cooking. The offending smoke machine and cooker have been used for a long time, and there are many oil stains. The oil stains on them should be cleaned up in time to remove the hidden danger of fire.

If the gas leaks, don’t panic. Just close the valve the first time, and then open the doors and windows for ventilation to eliminate the fire hazard.

Balcony and corridors are usually places where emergency exits are located. Don’t pile up miscellaneous articles here. If there is a fire lane nearby, do not occupy 70000 of these places to avoid affecting firefighting operations at critical times.

If you pay attention to the hidden danger of family safety. Or if the family has too large a housing area or floor, the escape path can be drawn according to the actual situation. In case of fire, it can quickly escape from the scene.

If a fire occurs on a floor with an elevator, do not use the elevator for any reason. It is very likely that you will never return when you enter the elevator.

The above is the fire protection knowledge that each of us should learn and understand. In the cold winter, we must pay attention to fire hazards and wish you and your family happiness and health.

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