How do we take prevention and treatment measures when one or more family members are infected with the virus?

First of all, we should find a separately ventilated room for them to minimize contact with their families. If it is necessary to contact patients, we need to keep more than two meters away from patients. At home, it is better to wear a mask. You can not wear a mask in your own room, but you must keep ventilation. When you contact other people at home, you must wear a mask,

After contact with other people, be sure to wipe it with 75% alcohol, instead of spraying alcohol everywhere.

The personal belongings of the infected person must be placed separately and cannot be used for public use, and the clothes used should be washed separately. There should be hot water of more than 60 degrees centigrade, or sterilized effervescent tablets soaked for more than half an hour. The opening of the garbage bag should be sealed tightly, and the toilet lid should be covered before flushing. After flushing the toilet, wash your hands immediately, at least 30 seconds, and spray with 84% disinfected water or 75% ethanol for disinfection. Public equipment should be disinfected every time it is used up.

After infection, the places polluted by respiratory secretions should be wiped or sprayed with 84 disinfectants or 75% alcohol in time to avoid contact with other people, especially the elderly and other vulnerable people around.

Most of the above information comes from the advice or notice of the health department.

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