If you don’t want to have a brain infarction or a second recurrence, you should change your bad habits in daily life.

First thing: Don’t sit still for a long time. This is a very bad habit. It will lead to the decline of our body’s metabolic function and slow metabolism, which will make the body’s blood become sticky. A long time will easily lead to the formation of a thrombus, and the probability of cerebral infarction will also increase.

Second thing: Don’t stay up late habitually. Staying up late for a long time will not only reduce our immunity but also make our bodies in a state of stress. Adrenaline in the body will continue to secrete, which will lead to the rise of blood pressure and heart rate, and will greatly increase the probability of cerebral infarction.

Third thing: Don’t underestimate a small cigarette when smoking. There are many harmful substances in it, such as alcohol, which can also stimulate blood vessels, cause abnormal contraction of blood vessels, accelerate arteriosclerosis of blood vessels, and thus cause cerebral infarction.

The fourth thing: unhealthy eating habits, such as fried food or barbecue, will lead to the increase of triglyceride and cholesterol indicators in blood vessels, which will lead to the formation of vascular plaque, and finally easy to form thrombosis and block blood vessels.

Develop good living habits, stay away from diseases and embrace a better life.

Author: listenerxu
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