Top 15 list of global weight loss-related websites (for reference only)

Name WebsiteIntroduction MyFitnesspal: Online Healthy Living Community is an app that focuses on “eating healthy and exercising”, equivalent to an online health community that follows your daily diet and exercise and calculates the number of calories your body absorbs. WeightWatchers is a global leader in healthy weight loss consulting. WeightWatchers’ philosophy is to achieve healthy weight loss through smart eating and sensible exercise, without relying on any external forces, drugs, or devices. Its patented diet bar point system, in which kinesiologists and nutritionists measure the bar point values of common foods, allows weight loss to be achieved while ensuring comprehensive nutrition. Wise Light Body’s innovative, healthy weight loss program has a large following in Europe and the United States.
Translated with (free version) These three ladies and diet book authors offer food reviews, recipes, a message board, free community journals, and fitness information to help you reach your weight loss goals. Forbes Best of the Web site for 4 years. Information on weight loss, exercise, diet, and recipes. support groups, forums, success stories, and pictures. Explains how to cut calories and reduce fat in a diet. Recommendations on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and selection of low-calorie, reduced-fat foods, and beverages. tables for men and women, with adjustments for older and younger individuals. Includes explanation of results. Https://welcome.weightwatchers.comOffers plans, success stories, FAQs, and meeting searches. Offers weight loss forums, articles, and tools such as a calorie calculator. Support and informational site for people on weight watchers. Provides weight loss solutions through education. Offers articles on exercise, diet, fitness, weight loss tips, and metabolism. Teresa Tapp, an exercise physiologist, and rehabilitative trainer offer a weight loss and cellulite removal solution. A weight loss buddy matching service. Also offers message boards and expert advice. Offers help to the dieter on the Weight Watchers plan. Lists many restaurants and how to accurately keep up with Weight Watchers points while dining out. Helping women find and maintain a healthy weight through education, consultation, fitness programs, diet, delicious healthy cuisine, structure, and professional support. Located in Ludlow, Vermont.
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