How to use the flash disk to install windows 2000 system.

1. Download the required win2000 system image file on another computer, and place it on the installed USB flash disk (not a common USB flash disk); For the installation of the USB disk, please refer to how to make a PE USB disk. The method is very simple. There are also many tools

2. Shut down and restart the computer where the system needs to be installed. When restarting, click the F12 button intermittently. Some computers do not have F12 buttons. Please refer to your computer operation guide to enter the BIOS system interface;

3. On the BIOS interface, use the direction keys to control the cursor movement and use the Enter key to control the selection. In most cases, find the U disk startup option in the “boot” option. Individual computers are not selected in the “boot” option

4. Click the USB flash disk to start and enter the USB flash disk installation system. Select the Ghost installation option in the installation system interface. Different installation USB flash disk systems are different. Please refer to the relevant information

5. On the Ghost interface, select the image file of the installed system placed in the USB flash disk, click OK, and follow the prompts to operate carefully. The program will run automatically next

6. After restarting, wait for the installation progress bar to complete and then use the computer normally.

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