How to better describe the articles about scenery, what are the methods or steps?

Locate the viewing location and describe the different scenic spots in front of you:

Carefully observe the geographical location and select the best observation location. When describing the same physical scenic spot, the “orientation” and “angle” of observation are different, and so are the features of the scenic spot to be described. Of course, the effect described by the lock is also different. The observation position is clearly described. If there is no special explanation in words, the reader should be able to understand the general position and angle of the author’s observation from the paragraphs of the physical scenic spots described. In a certain order, from near to far or from far to near, from high to low or from low to high, from left to right or from right to left, etc. In this way, the scene can be written in a clear and three-dimensional way, making the reader feel like he is on the spot

Description of attractions at different times of the day:

The same scene, at different times of the day, gives us different visual feelings and changes with the change of time, in different times to describe different scenes, writing should focus, to avoid similar pictures. The position of the observation scene can be changed, and the focus can also be changed to give the reader different feelings.

Integrate the peripheral factors of the scenery:

When describing the scenery, many surrounding factors can affect the characteristic changes of the scenery, such as the appearance and disappearance of the sun and moon, the real-time changes of clouds, and other changes in the sky, as well as climate changes such as wind, rain, lightning, and snow. Pay attention to carefully observe the subtle changes in the scenery during the passage of time. When describing the scenery, it is necessary to describe the changes in time clearly, and describe the changes in the characteristics of the scenery in each time period in detail, so that the reader seems to see a small film of the changes in the scenery.

Seasonal characteristic method:

When describing the scenery, through the changes of each season and the actual changes of the scenery throughout the year, carefully observe the different characteristics of the four seasons of the scenery, describe the specific seasonal characteristics, and describe the characteristics of the scenery itself, so that the seasonal characteristics and the characteristics of the scenery are integrated. When describing the characteristics of the four seasons of the scenery, we should not cover all aspects. In addition, we should not change the geographical location of the scenery, but describe the scenery of the same place.

Describe the same scenic spot with different visual positions:

The description of scenery can be described in different visual positions. The different descriptions can make the reader feel novel and more flexible, and can better understand the overall features of the scenery. The change in the observation position should be explained clearly in writing. The change of the observation position should have a certain order, from bottom to top, from top to bottom, from far to near, from near to far, from left to right, or from right to left. 

Attractions tours and travel diary writing:

In the process of traveling or visiting scenic spots, the scenery in front of you will change with the movement of pedestrians. It is necessary to explain the change of observation position clearly. Let readers know the route of the tour clearly. The scenic spots before and after the walking process should be described concretely. The content should not only be rich but also have a description of key scenery. It should focus on a theme, and display different scenic spots at the same time. The most distinctive scenery along the way should be described, and the general description text should be deleted

A good tourism article, can not lack central attractions:

It is impossible to write down all the scenery you see. You should choose the relevant scenery to describe. Write around the main scenery, and select the main features of the scenery to describe through observation, such as the steepness of the mountains, or the beauty of the posture, which is the center of the article. After the center is determined, the observed scenery should be selected. Those who can express the center need to be described carefully. The scenery that can set off the center should also be described. If it has nothing to do with it, just skip it.

Classification description method:

It is written according to different categories of objects, such as heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, vegetation, insects and fish, or different aspects, such as shape, color, sound, etc. Therefore, when describing, it is not necessary to account for the observation points, nor to follow the order of time or space.

In the process of describing the scenery, we should write our own emotional expression content:

In the description of the scenery, must not forget to express their feelings, no emotional article, although the scenery is amazing, but also has no soul.

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