How to Choose the Right blog post, How many types of articles are there(1)

How to choose the theme of the article and how to enrich the content of blog articles, we can start with the most popular types of articles at present, list the outline and shift the focus of each article according to our own ideas, so that the content of our blog articles is no longer monotonous and attracts more audiences.

Summarize roughly 20 types, which are described in 4 posts, for your study and reference only:

1: Activity type – writing a planning article about holding an activity to encourage readers to actively participate and discuss is also an interesting type. Such as voting/awarding/questionnaire, etc.

2: Debate: Think from the form of debate. Debate on blogs, whether the object of the debate is two people, two bloggers, or even one blogger, has a lot of words against all readers. You need good skills to balance the debate.

3: Prediction and summary – articles about the type of summary can always be seen at the turn of the year, at the weekend, or at a certain festival, including the outlook for the new stage and the things to be completed.

4: Research – In the early stage of blog writing, I wrote a research-oriented article to discuss how to write in different directions. Although the research blog takes a lot of time, it is worth it. You will find that such articles will greatly enhance the attraction and influence of readers.

5: Comparison class – comparative analysis of two or more solutions. List the advantages and disadvantages of the two products or services. I found that in some of my product evaluation articles, the content of product comparison is also very popular. Many times, readers just want to know how to choose from the comparison products.

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