How to Choose the Right blog post, How many types of articles are there(2)

How to choose the theme of the article and how to enrich the content of blog articles, we can start with the most popular types of articles at present, list the outline and shift the focus of each article according to our own ideas, so that the content of our blog articles is no longer monotonous and attracts more audiences.

Summarize roughly 20 types, which are described in 4 posts, for your study and reference only:

6: Link summary category – good articles are good bloggers’ favorites. You only need to collect and summarize the websites or articles related to the blog theme you usually browse, and attach a brief description. You can explain the reasons, quote good words and sentences, or add your own comments. You see, if you add these instructions, this kind of article will have original content, not just copy and paste. The more original content, the easier it is to be welcomed by readers.

7: Case analysis – Another popular blog article is to analyze a successful blog and summarize their successful practices on how to obtain huge profits. Sometimes such articles are similar to interviews, but I have added a lot of guidance and practical suggestions. Case analysis is not limited to blog analysis. You can find suitable objects in your own blog topic domain class.

8: Evaluation – evaluation is one of the most popular keywords on the Internet. At any time, before I consider purchasing a product, I will search for relevant evaluation articles. Such articles can be described in different styles and perspectives according to different characteristics of goods or services. The evaluation blog also has a long vitality.

9: Teaching – This kind of article is to guide readers how to complete a task. Suggested articles have always been popular with readers, whether they are short in length (readers always like to link to these articles) or long in length (many people always look for articles on how to do things in search engines. If your articles on related topics rank high in the search, you will get a lot of traffic for a long time).

10: Interview – sometimes when you want to write some in-depth articles, you can try to write an interview article for relevant people to describe. This method not only allows readers to accept professional opinions, but also improves their understanding of such topics

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